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The Gentle Dental Practice, East Molesey

If you have a tooth missing or several teeth missing it may well be worth considering replacement with dental implants. Dental implants can be placed to support a single crown or a bridge or they can be used to help give some security to a full denture by allowing it to “click” into place.


A dental implant is a titanium rod that is inserted into the bone, under local anaesthetic and quite simply it is left to fuse to the bone over a three month period or osseo-integrate. Once this process is complete the implant is used just like a root may have been used to support a crown via a supra-structure.


A dental implant retained crown is the closest we can get to a real tooth and with the proper follow on care and attention will give you years of service.


We have the ability to be able to place implants with Intra-Venous sedation for those patients who are concerned they may be anxious about this kind of treatment.

Dental Implants in Surrey

As with all aspects of more advanced dentistry, a full assessment is required before deciding on a plan for dental implants. This includes an assessment of the bone depth and quality and as in all areas of dentistry full knowledge of your medical history is of paramount importance.


Dental implants are a super solution for missing teeth but they require just as much follow up care than your own teeth, if not more and we recommend regular visits to the dental hygienist for maintenance therapy.


We regularly welcome dental implant patients from East & West Molesey, Thames Ditton, Esher, Walton on Thames, Kingston upon Thames and the wider Surrey area.

Dental Implant Procedures

Dental Implants can be placed in The Gentle Dental Practice in East Molesey under local anaesthetic. If you are anxious about treatment or we are placing many implants then it may be worth considering having your treatment under intra-venous sedation using midazolam. Mr Maneer Patel is able to provide this care for us as he is a sedationist as well as a dentist with a special interest in oral surgery.


Recovery from implant surgery is typically quick, even quicker than having a tooth removed. Whilst you are waiting for osseo-integration you may require a temporary denture or restoration.


We typically use Straumann and Nobel Biocare dental implants.

Single Dental Implants

Single Dental Implants

Multiple Dental Implants

Multiple Dental Implants



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