Modern Implant-Based Denture Alternatives: Implant-Retained Dentures

Combining implant treatments with dentures is one approach to make your dental implant treatment more affordable.

It’s extremely rare to discover an implant clinic that works with dentures and implants. However, after working with various kinds of edentulous cases where full-arch rehabilitation is required, we have found that some patients prefer to retain the benefits of implants while opting for a more cost-effective final restoration.

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Leave your old, loose dentures behind.

  • Dental implants allow dentures to remain in place without the need for adhesive.
  • The dentures are held securely in place using a small number of implants, making them a more stable alternative than regular removable dentures.

As tooth replacement dentists, if there’s one thing we hear a lot of, it’s complaints about conventional dentures.

The most common complaint with dentures is that they are uncomfortable and make simple tasks like speaking, eating and chewing regular foods challenging.

But more than that, there is a lack of confidence with the smile.

Thankfully, we offer a simple missing teeth solution that makes uncomfortable dentures extremely secure and stable at our practice. So you don’t have to get used to the problem.

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What are implant-retained dentures?

Implant-retained dentures are often referred to as clip-on-dentures – working the same way as traditional dentures; this particular kind can be removed to clean and reattached to the implants once you’re done.

Implant-retained dentures can be used for an upper denture (six implants used commonly), lower denture replacement (2 to 4 implants) or both arches simultaneously.

The typical length for implant-retained dentures is four months for the lower arches and seven months for the uppers. 

At the same time, we understand that you would likely prefer an immediate smile; with dental implants, we need to ensure that the bone in the jaw has been given enough healing time to fuse the implants.

There is only one exception where we can speed this process up, and that’s with an implant method called All-on-Four (Same-Day Smiles). Explore.

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Unsecured dentures are an old-fashioned solution

Are you tired of them slipping around your mouth and wish you could just secure them for life? The Gentle Dental provides world-class, advanced implant treatments that combine traditional denture treatments to prevent them from falling out of place ever again.

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How do implant-retained dentures work?

Implant-retained dentures explained:

The only way to secure dentures for life is with dental implants, meaning you’ll never need dental adhesives again. A dental implant is a titanium screw embedded deep into the jaw – bone grows around them, making them very secure.

By placing dental implants into the gums, we can provide physical retention to keep it more firmly in place. These specific attachments are called abutments, used to ‘click’ the denture into position.

And as implant-retained dentures do not rely on suction to remain in place, the design of these dentures ensures that the roof of the mouth is uncovered, restoring taste sensations and the ability to eat better.

Are there any drawbacks you need to know about?

With implant-retained dentures, you can expect restored ability to eat most foods, however, there will still be some limitations even here.

More importantly, as implant-retained dentures are removable, you will experience slight movement with them, but nothing compared to the kind of movement recorded with conventional dentures.

For patients looking for a better option, where there is no tooth movement at all, then you might want to explore affordable options like implant-fixed bridgework or implant-supported dentures.  

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Will you be able to use your existing denture and cut costs even more?

Using your existing denture might be possible, however, it will depend on their quality.

The way in which we approach implant-retained dentures is by crafting a denture that suits the implants – there have been cases where this is approached the other way around, however, it may affect the overall function.

When it comes to the number of implants we will place, it is likely that we will only need to use a minimum of four on the upper arches and two on the lowers.

Moreover, there are occasions where we recommend four implants on the lower arches as if one of the implants fails as you age, we can avoid going through the surgery again.

The problem with traditional dentures

As a conventional denture is not attached to your gums in any particular way, it solely relies on suction to remain firmly in place. However, as you might have experienced, suction is not always enough to prevent slippage when talking and eating.

A common consequence for many patients going through tooth loss is gum shrinkage, and as this process takes place, we lose more and more hope in achieving the right level of suction to aid denture stability.

And while many denture wearers will readjust to this problem through diet and habit adjustments, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to! With dental implants, you do not have to make such a sacrifice to your quality of life.

If you are just keen to improve the stability of your dentures, regardless of the method, book a consultation with one of our trusted dentists. They will be happy to explore all your tooth replacement methods for the best functional outcomes.

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Some responses to commonly asked concerns regarding implant-retained dentures:

  • You don’t need to use denture adhesives, powders, pastes or sticky gum to keep the dentures in place.
  • The implants help to maintain the facial structure as they distribute weight more evenly and help to preserve the remaining bone in your jaws.
  • Dramatically increases your ability to chew. You will be able to eat normally, as though you have all of your natural teeth in place.
  • They are secure, comfortable and reliable – you do not need to fear that your dentures could come loose mid-conversation.
  • CAT scanner & PRF equipped
  • Everything is produced and managed on site
  • 2% dental implant success rate
  • We only work with and use the best dental implant brands

For this treatment method to work, you usually need a minimum of two conventional implants.

This is a small sacrifice to make in order to be able to smile confidently, chew foods, and use your jaw as if you had all of your natural teeth in place.

Surgery is usually minimal since you only need a small number of implants usually the procedure is often quick, and your current denture can be attached to the new implants immediately.

Compare implant-based dentures

With various implant methods and implant denture techniques, it can be easy to get confused or lost in the options available to you.

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