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As an orthodontic and cosmetic practice, our focus ison achieving the impossible and creating the best possible results using systems that are best aligned to your goals.This could be due to their 98% success rate and the fact that they can last forever!

Orthodontists Surrey

Whenever you need professional orthodontic services in Surrey,
you can rely on the Gentle Dental’s experience in innovative straightening solutions.

As Platinum Providers of Invisalign, you can trust that we treat hundreds of overbite and crooked teeth cases a year using this system alone.
We have been recognised as not only one of the best practices in Surrey, but in Europe as we are one of few dentists to have successfully straightened hundreds of smiles with Invisalign.

So, if you’re an adult in search of discreet straightening systems,
or a parent looking into the best option for your child, our experts can use advanced technology to present the best route to the perfect smile. 

Advanced Orthodontic Treatments

Our Surrey orthodontic treatment options on offer include several different types of braces and invisible options.


Not only is Invisalign a perfect choice for adults looking to finally straighten their teeth discreetly and privately, but a great option for children and teens to target bite problems while their mouths are still developing.

Six Month Smiles

Where ordinary braces end to work on all the time, Six Month smiles focus on straightening the visible portion of the smile. Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary form of discreet braces that can be used to treat and correct mild to moderate orthodontic problems in a cosmetic way.

Inman Aligners

With Inman Aligners, you can straighten your teeth in as little as six weeks.

The Inman Aligner system is one of the fastest ways to straighten teeth and has been regarded as a revolutionary appliance in the dentistry realm.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic use tooth-coloured or clear brackets that make them less visible against teeth.

The ceramic aesthetic braces can help you accomplish your orthodontic result in less time than other clear aligner systems.

Incognito Hidden Braces

Incognito brackets are attached to the inner surface of your teeth, cleverly concealing them from sight.

The braces are made from top-of-the-line technology and are designed in a way to provide maximum patient comfort.

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Do you need orthodontic treatment?

Our Surrey dentists use orthodontic treatment systems to correct a range of oral problems:

Orthodontic treatments can be used to target:

  • Oral issues: If you suffer from an overbite, underbite, overcrowded teeth, crooked teeth or jaw misalignment, you may be affected by eating or speech problems.
  • Malocclusion/bad bite: Malocclusion refers to misalignment or incorrect relation between the teeth of the two dental arches, meaning they do not perfectly align when they approach each other as the jaws close.

Malocclusion can often lead to oral health problems in the future so it is important that it is treated using the right orthodontic procedure.

In these instances, we use orthodontic treatments to alter the positioning of the teeth so you end up with a more attractive and better functioning smile.

Braces for adults

As brace treatments have advanced so greatly, adults now have a huge amount of choices when it comes to finding the right straightening solution for them.

We have many discreet, short-term options which are designed specifically for adults who don’t want to wear the traditional, obvious braces.

Our practice in Surrey is proud to offer the latest and most innovative systems, which include:

  • 6 Month Smiles: Takes six months.
  • Lingual Braces: Takes 12-18 months.
  • Inman Aligners: Takes 6-18 weeks.
  • Invisalign for Adults: Takes from three months.
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Quick contact

Whether you are a loyal patient or newly visiting our practice, at The Gentle Dental we provide multiple types of treatments for our patients, so we can be sure to find the right solution for you.

Braces for children and teens

If you target issues during childhood when your jaw is still developing, treatment can be more straightforward. We recommend targeting issues as soon as you become aware of them. 

We can offer several straightening systems for children, some discreet and some more traditional.

Invisalign First has proven successful for little mouths as it is designed with children in mind and their hectic mini schedules.

The recommendation is that children should have treatment aged between 7 and 13. However, not all hope is lost if you do not receive treatment during this time.

Going under orthodontic treatment as a teen is often many of our adult patients wish they did at the time. But due to stereotypes about a mouth full of metal, getting braces in the previous decade was not an enjoyable experience.

Now, teenagers can straighten their teeth with clear, removable aligner systems like Invisalign Teen, which straightens teeth in half the time. However, if your son or daughter is over the age of 18 and likes the idea of clear aligners, other types of Invisalign might be better.

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The benefits of orthodontics

If you have any of the issues mentioned thus far, it is vital you have your teeth treated by a dentist to decipher what orthodontic treatment may be best for you.

It is important to treat issues as soon as possible since misaligned or improperly positioned teeth leave you with a higher risk of experiencing tooth decay and gingivitis.

Generally, orthodontics is an effective treatment method that can be used to:

  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Target misalignment between the teeth and jaw
  • Straighten crooked teeth, repair improper bites
  • Improve oral function (such as eating or speech)

Ortho FAQs

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry dedicated to the proper alignment of the teeth and jaw.

Straightening the teeth and jaw can improve the appearance of your teeth and facial features respectively, but orthodontic treatment can also enhance the overall functionality of your mouth.

Orthodontics specialises in dentistry that focuses on correcting bites, occlusion, and general tooth realignment.

The main aim of orthodontic treatment is to align the positioning of the teeth, straighten your smile and leave you feeling happier and more confident than ever.

Additionally, orthodontic treatment is popularly used for cosmetic purposes.

If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look or simply want to improve a particular aspect of your smile, then there are many non-invasive procedures available.

Talk to us about cosmetic options.

The price of braces varies, as it depends on what system you choose and how long it will take to straighten your smile.

You can browse our costs of Invisalign here, however, for a general understanding, our brace systems can cost from £1,000 to £4,900.

We also offer 0% finance for 12 months and have longer terms for patients looking to spread the cost of their treatment.

A specialist in orthodontics has completed a three-year postgraduate study after graduating as a dentist. 

Our orthodontists have undergone further training from the Royal College of Surgeons, and you will find their names appear on the list of the General Dental Council (GDC).

The additional training allows us to take on complex orthodontic cases.

Orthodontic treatment for children usually starts around the ages of 7-9, especially when there are problems involving the jaws. 

However, the most common ages to begin treatment are around 11 to 14 years of age when the permanent teeth have fully erupted. 

There is no age limit, however, the NHS will not cover braces for adults.

You’re never too old to upgrade your smile.

Sometimes this might be necessary to remove teeth to achieve the best result possible – this is particularly common with overcrowded teeth. 

However, please bear in mind that we have incredible technology which often means that extractions are not always necessary.

No professional referral is required from your dentist, you can contact our practice directly if you have any concerns about the function or appearance of your teeth.

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Edward CrameEdward Crame
13:43 04 Dec 21
Very happy with all aspects of the work they have done. Very clean, professional and well run business.
Lynn HuddartLynn Huddart
12:43 24 Nov 21
Dr Ali Rifai was professional and I am very pleased with the outcome of my Invisalign's. I have been with this practice for many years and would highly recommend. The staff are very friendly and nothing is an issue.
Jonathan PlumbJonathan Plumb
11:52 24 Nov 21
Can't thank this practice enough for all their help. I don't post reviews very often, so when I do, it's because an impression has been left! Dr Ali saw me at short notice to help fix a broken tooth. The nurse (I think her name was Danni) was so helpful and kind, as were the rest of the team. Thank you for being there for me in my hour of need (the same day i asked for an appointment!)

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