Complex Implant Cases

Here at the Gentle Dental, we’re used to making impossible dentistry possible – and we only have our talented implant dentist to thank.

Complex missing teeth cases

Has your local practice or dentist told you “no”?

Have you been made to believe that your missing teeth case is too complex?

Have you been told you do not have enough bone or gum and that nothing can be done?

We are often asked to give second opinions on cases such as All-on-Four, sinus lifts, multiple implants, bone augmentations and severe gum disease. 

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Referrals for complex cases

Sometimes there can be so many dental problems with a patient you may not know where to begin.

Many dentists refer patients to The Gentle Dental because of our implant experience and skill level, not to mention the advanced technology and equipment we have at our practice. 

For us, we often find that nothing is impossible and that there is always something we can do to help you feel better about your smile.

Defining complex cases

The following can threaten the success of an implant:

  • Tooth decay and damage
  • Active periodontitis or gum disease
  • Oral infections and sores
  • Horizontal or vertical bone loss and tooth mobility
  • No adjacent teeth, or those present in unsuitable positions
  • Lack of bone depth

As implant dentistry requires special attention and knowledge in periodontal disease, patients finding the right dentist to trust is extremely important to prevent implants from failing.

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How we simplify challenging implant cases

When your case is not properly assessed or a dentist does not follow proper protocol, the chances of your implant failing increase.

They occur due to:

  • Poor dental treatment
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Allowing problems to persist untreated

Dental implant cases often describe a lack of bone in the jaw, which prevents an implant from being placed safely and stably.

Within just six months of losing a tooth, the bone in the jaw can deteriorate – it will never grow back.

Typically when there is not enough bone mass to support the dental implant a bone graft will be required.

The placement of implants during advanced bone augmentations will demand a higher level of surgical expertise and the significant capacity to care for such patients.

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How we handle complex implant cases

An intricate case is not just defined by the difficulty of a procedure but rather by the potential issues that can compromise the function, comfort and even longevity of the final tooth or teeth.

The prosthodontic team dedicated to your procedure are qualified to manage the occlusal scheme, which includes modifications to the vertical dimension and position of your teeth and how these developments interact with existing dentition (if present) and their relationship to the jaw.

The result of a case cannot be easily visualised without extensive diagnostic and treatment planning techniques.

Our implant consultations aim to identify any and all the potential issues provided in our diagnosis.

Assessing this in the first stage helps us to build trust with our patients rather than highlighting or discovering these issues as we continue with treatment.

Complexity factors include:

  • Multiple missing teeth and the variety of options: which one is best, not only for the patient but for the expected outcomes, how they will be received and budget
  • Large posts and cores – do we keep them or extract them?
  • Do we try and save certain teeth or consider a full mouth reconstruction?
  • Potential medical problems that could compromise treatment
  • When more than one specialist is involved
  • Managing gum disease and root decay

Each factor adds additional complexity to the case, with the number of problems increases significantly.

The Gentle Dental, and Dr Ali Rifai in particular, continuously have heavy involvement in treating complex cases and, in the past, have provided long-term success and overall peace of mind.


One step at a time

We take things at your pace and break our treatment up into stages, which will be agreed upon with you upon drawing up the treatment plan.

This allows our clinicians to properly assess your condition and ability to cope with these procedures.

If you’re unsure about anything or would like a second opinion on your condition, call the doctor at 020 8224 7562.


Our skills and experience set us apart

Why choose Dr Ali Rifai to treat your complex case?

  • 25 years of skill and experience in implantology, prosthodontics and periodontal work; there is nothing Dr Ali has not dealt with
  • Delivers an understanding approach, which allows him to work with patients to find alternative and effective treatments that suit them
  • Has access to the latest dental improvements, technology and software that provide better, more achievable results that go beyond just promises
  • 98.2% success rate for implant placements
  • Easily can provide long-lasting stable solutions to repair your smile
Dawn SwansonDawn Swanson
10:27 24 Nov 22
I have been with the Gentle Dental Practice for 8 years, the care and service I have received has always been 5 star. I have recently used their new hygienist Nicky who is great. Looking for a new dentist just contact their very friendly and proffessional team.
George HorseyGeorge Horsey
18:54 15 Nov 22
Dental Impant Surgery:I had my dental implants fitted recently and I am extremely happy with the outcome. Ali and the team have done an amazing job since I lost my 2 front teeth over 6 years ago. I had to wait for the surgery for a long time due to my age and the issues surrounding having implants at a young age.I finally had the surgery 12 weeks ago and had my two new crowns fitted last week. They look absolutely amazing and the whole procedure was way less painful than I ever thought it would be.I would highly recommend getting your implants done at the Gentle Dental Practice, you won't regret it!A massive thank you to everyone at the practice!
Deeban SkandalingamDeeban Skandalingam
12:06 03 Nov 22
Fantastic work on my teeth and I would highly recommend! My teeth turned out better than I had even hoped for. If you are in need of any dental work, you would be doing a great disservice if you didn't speak to this practice first. The staff were extremely friendly, there were text updates and all in all an excellent service from start to finish. If you haven't guessed already, I am thoroughly pleased with The Gentle Dentle. Thank you!
Pippa HarveyPippa Harvey
14:54 26 Oct 22
Like many people, I have an immense fear of dentistry, and dentists, due to previous experiences.I had two broken teeth and one that had been treated incorrectly by an NHS dentist. I had been in daily pain for about 18 months, and had been put on a 6 month waiting list by my NHS dentist.I called gentle dental to explain my problem and they offered me a same day appointment. They were kind, compassionate, understanding, patient and validating. I’m not sure anybody ever feels completely comfortable in the chair, but It’s the closest I’ve ever come!The work needed was carried out, all of the staff were kind and welcoming, and it showed me that the dentist doesn’t have to be a dreaded place!Thank you so, so much gentle dental! I will definitely be returning.
Tilesh PTilesh P
15:45 14 Sep 22
Dental Implants - 3 New Teeth - June 2022I had the most professional and pain free experience when getting my new tooth implants at Gentle Dental. Honestly I put it off for some many years because I just didn't want to go through the pain. But my experience was totally the opposite. Ali and the wonderful girls were there every step of the way. All my questions got answered and I was reassured everything would work out well. And it did. I was worried for no reason.I did think about going abroad to have it done but when you consider the risk factor, time and professional standards - it made no sense to me. I have known Ali for a long time and knew I would be in the best hands and if there were any issues these would could be resolved easily.If you are thinking of having dental implants at Gentle - don't waste any more time. Just book and get it done.Was it painful ? No, uncomfortable for a few days, yes for sure.I just wish I had it done sooner. Thanks guys, love my new teeth 🙂
Edward CrameEdward Crame
13:43 04 Dec 21
Very happy with all aspects of the work they have done. Very clean, professional and well run business.
Lynn HuddartLynn Huddart
12:43 24 Nov 21
Dr Ali Rifai was professional and I am very pleased with the outcome of my Invisalign's. I have been with this practice for many years and would highly recommend. The staff are very friendly and nothing is an issue.
Jonathan PlumbJonathan Plumb
11:52 24 Nov 21
Can't thank this practice enough for all their help. I don't post reviews very often, so when I do, it's because an impression has been left! Dr Ali saw me at short notice to help fix a broken tooth. The nurse (I think her name was Danni) was so helpful and kind, as were the rest of the team. Thank you for being there for me in my hour of need (the same day i asked for an appointment!)
Eva AugustEva August
07:11 06 Nov 21
I’m so happy to find this practice. I suffer from anxiety and high sensitivity to pain. It was very stressful for me going to dentist after years of fear. The team not only make me calm and welcome but I FELL ASLEEP during treatment with Dr Marshall ! So understanding and caring. Thank you!
Marc NevittMarc Nevitt
11:35 11 Oct 21
I have been using this dentist for well over a decade and can honestly say my teeth would be in a far worse situation if wasn’t for the Gentle Dental practice.My most recent visit was for a filling .. barely felt the injection!I would highly recommend this dentist to anyone, but especially if you’re teeth require a high level of care like mine.
Emma BrauerEmma Brauer
08:44 04 Aug 21
This place was recommended to me by family and for a nervous patient the best experience. The reception welcome is cheerful and friendly, beautifully modern area with hot drinks and water on offer.I needed implants, crowns and bridges followed by whitening, so lots of appointments. My dentist Mr Ali Rafai was superb from start to finish, so professional and personable. Throughout the whole process I was cared for wonderfully plus lots of laughs along the way. The constant care during appointments was very comforting, no rushing, and I knew I my needs were Mr Rafai's priority. Plus check up call the next day without fail to make sure everything was going well.Absolutely deserves five stars!
Alan SamuelAlan Samuel
13:30 14 Jul 21
Fantastic experience with Ali. It took 18 months including bone grafting, removing and replacing failed dental implants, invisaline for my bottom teeth which were all over the place and some veneers but now I'm delighted with the outcome.Ali was always very clear about how this wasn't an overnight solution in an honest and forthright manner which gave me confidence that he would deliver results.I was offered several overnight solutions from other dentists locally at a fraction of the cost but when I see how much effort and detail that went into my plan, I know i made the right choice.
Kurt JohnsonKurt Johnson
17:48 14 May 21
I have got no complaints about this Dental Practice. They were all very friendly and accommodating and always professional.My dental treatment was also really good, everything went according to plan and the results are great!I am VERY happy with the outcome and would recommend them anytime!

Single Implants

Often used in simple cases where one tooth has been lost by accident or trauma.

Multiple Implants

Used in cases of multiple tooth loss in different locations in the mouth, where teeth are not missing in a row. 


Perfect for full mouth reconstructions, where patients have experienced tooth loss on the upper and lower jaws.


When securing implants to the jawbone is not possible, zygomatic implants are used to attach to the bone in the cheekbone.
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