Gum Disease

Gum disease is a very worrying condition that simply won’t be manageable without the intervention of periodontists and hygienists. Nor will it be reversible in its early stages without fast action.

Some treatments can help

We get it. Gum disease, at times, can be easy to ignore.

But as the disease progresses, throbbing gums, bad breath and tartar build-up are something every patient needs to take seriously, especially as the eventuality is loose and wobbly teeth leading to tooth and bone loss.

We can help. The Gentle Dental in East Molesey has helped hundreds of patients in Surrey manage their condition and even reverse it.

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Are you experiencing...

  • Incredibly sore, tender and bleeding gums?
  • Do your gums throb or cause you any sensitivity or pain?
  • Are your teeth beginning to come loose or wobbly?
  • Are you noticing the formation of black triangular pockets forming?

Gum recession, throbbing gums and loose teeth are bad signs you should not ignore. 

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Let’s fight gum disease together

01. Your first step

A deep clean of your teeth and gums is an affordable way to reverse gingivitis, alleviate your symptoms and prevent your gums from irritation. Our hygienist appointments will use root planning and scaling to clean below the gum line and remove any plaque or tartar build-up, which helps gum disease thrive.

02. advanced treatment protocol

Periodontal therapy, dictated by our periodontist, can help you on your way to improved gum health, helping to reduce and manage serious symptoms of the progressed forms of the disease like periodontitis. For example, the periodontist might recommend flap surgery to help reduce pockets between teeth.

03. Your journey to better gum health

Receding gums and gum disease can be targeted with less invasive procedures like laser gum surgery, which can treat the condition by killing harmful bacteria within the deep pockets between the gum line. Laser gum surgery can remove diseased tissue without harming or destroying healthy gum tissue.

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The right dentist to oversee your case

Regarding the stage of gum disease you’re in, we can apply non-invasive and aggressive treatment solutions that are pain-free and effective in treating gum disease. Remember that gum disease is often a life-long condition you will have to manage throughout your lifetime. And seeing as ignoring gum disease can cause tooth and bone loss; it’s important to keep up with your treatment plan to prevent the worse from happening.

For example, if you do lose a tooth, placing a dental implant is not always possible in patients with gum disease that’s out of control – but as highly experienced implant dentists, we’re used to working on many complex cases that help restore a patient’s smile to how they remember.

Whether you choose to carry out treatment with us or not, we cannot urge you enough to get help. Doing nothing to alleviate the symptoms of gum disease is disastrous for the future of your smile and health.

Please ensure your brush your teeth twice a day (even better after every meal) with an electric toothbrush, and remember to floss or use dental brushes between teeth. Certain medicated or fluoride toothpaste mouthwashes can also help reduce symptoms and ensure your mouth is as clean as possible. Regular hygienist appointments are also highly recommended.

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