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Dental Implant Costs

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The Cost of Tooth Implants

Implantologists or prosthodontists in private practices through the UK all price tooth restoration and replacement services differently. 

The Gentle Dental has over 25 years of experience placing implants, we aim to price our work fairly and adequately based on our patient’s requirements and wishes.

Our fees are transparent and after an initial consultation with us, you will receive a breakdown of your specific treatment costs, which will give you an accurate representation of what to expect.

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Our implant prices

There will be various considerations that will need to be taken into account, which will affect the cost of your treatment.

These include:

  • The number of implants being placed/are these individual implants or All-on-Four?
  • Type of system and brand (premium brands will cost more over cheaper alternatives)
  • The experience of the clinician or prosthodontist who will act out the surgery. This requires an experienced and highly qualified dentist who has been involved in both complicated and complex cases as well as providing straightforward restorations.
  • In a few instances, some patients may require additional surgical work, which will provide them with a strong and healthy foundation for the implant to secure. These additional and often post-implant procedures involve gum grafting, bone grafting, sinus lifts and periodontal treatments.

Can you get dental implants for free?

Implants are not provided free on the NHS. Whilst restorative in nature, to the NHS implants are considered cosmetic as they drastically improve the appearance of your mouth.

Dentures are likely to be alternatively offered by the NHS.

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Worth the cost

implant before and afterThe fact is that implants require the use of advanced technology as well as specialist skills, care and attention.

Implant dentistry fees can cost more than other restorative methods, but this is because it is considered the strongest and best solution to restore gaps in the mouth and replace missing teeth for life.

On top of this, the crown attaching to the dental implant is often custom-made to your specification and in many instances, hand-crafted by our dentists themselves.

Dental implants are highly durable, use stronger, more natural-looking materials and improve the overall oral health of the patient.

See: Implant Consultations.

Single implant costs

Our single implants cost £1,900, which includes the tooth.

This treatment is often recommended for those who have one or missing teeth, which they might have lost through accident or trauma.

For those with multiple missing teeth, however, it is recommended to request multiple implants, which can reduce the cost per tooth.

This can be brought down even further with methods like All-on-Four, which you will see below as it requires a minimal amount of implants to support 3 or more missing teeth.

All-on-Four costs

Our fees for this restorative service for a full arch is £9,995.

All-on-Four can be a beneficial treatment as it allows patients to restore multiple missing teeth in one go.

The treatment is also referred to as Teeth in a Day, which provides patients with the returned immediate function they hope for.

Potential pre-implant procedure costs

monitoring the jawbone

Patients, who have often ignored their tooth loss for a significant amount of time will likely have low bone density, which cannot be reversed.

Even ignoring the gap for as little as six months can see negative consequences take place, making it more difficult to successfully place implants.

Common additional procedures and their costs:

  • Sinus Graft: £650-£1,200
  • Bone Graft: £400-£2,00
  • Extraction: £150

At our private implant practice in East Molesey, we can help save you money on pre-implant treatments by combining them together.

Cost compared to other procedures

Dental implants are recognised as the top choice for replacing missing teeth for a lifetime.

In the past, commonly used alternatives like bridges and dentures have been more widely used as many local dental practices and dentists did not have the capability to execute dental implants, and such, could not offer them.

Now, dental implants are more widely considered and used because of their long term benefits.

Alternative costs:

  • Maryland Bridge: £650
  • Fixed Bridge: £575 per unit
  • Dentures: £400+

Don’t be fooled by cheaper implants

If you’ve looked into implants, you will be aware that you can go abroad to receive these at a fraction of the cost. However, it is our responsibility to provide accurate advice to our patients as well as potential patients.

Getting dental implants abroad can wreak havoc. Practices use different brands and different techniques, which can destroy your oral condition.

The point is that when you return to the UK and you have problems, many other dental specialists may very well refuse to help or get involved for the fear of risk.

We have seen true horror stories, where many have returned with metal plates pocking out of their mouths and implants falling out after a bite.

There is a reason why it is priced the way it is because it truly requires specialist intervention.

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Our guide to implants

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