The Invisalign Process: Know Realistically What to Expect

Did you know that Invisalign trays also work as bleaching trays, which means many patients are able to straighten and whiten their teeth comfortably and at the same time?

But that’s not the only thing that’s amazing about the straightening system – the process, which is discreet and fast is unlike any other tooth straightening method that exists today.

What’s the procedure is actually like? From start to finish…

Here’s everything you need to know about the stages of your potential Invisalign treatment…

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Step 1: Appointment with your Invisalign doctor:

This is an important stage as it is where we learn everything we need to know about your teeth in order to send accurate results to Invisalign to create your bespoke removable aligners.

The orthodontist will begin by studying your mouth, its shape, functionality and misalignment problems.

Whilst, Invisalign is fantastic and treats a wide of concerns like overbite, underbite, crossbite and overjet, it can have its limitations.

For example, whilst most patients are approved to undergo the treatment, very severe bite candidates may need to pursue other forms of tooth straightening treatments and that’s why an initial consultation is used to provide you with realistic expectations.

However, as Platinum Invisalign providers who have treated hundreds of cases, we have not come across a patient we have not been able to help yet!

Your first consultation includes:

We take the guesswork out of designing your dream smile…

  • A scan of your mouth (worth over £300): Using advanced technology, the iTero Element® scanner takes 6,000 3D images of your teeth in just minutes, which will allow you to compare what your smile looks like now to what it will appear like after treatment. This piece of technology has improved tooth straightening procedures immensely because it is more accurate, creates better fitting aligners for increased comfort and allows patients to get excited about the results. This also helps dentists accurately track your progress at every appointment you attend.
  • Your choice of additional and free treatments: For us, we know that creating the perfect smile does not just end with straightening and aligning the teeth, but improving teeth aesthetics in regards to colour and shape. Therefore, we offer our patients numerous additional and great value for money procedures (teeth whitening and composite bonding) that can be combined into your final cost at a reduced fee. See more about our packages here.
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3. The manufacturing of your clear aligners

Our use of improved technology allows us to offer faster treatment times.

For example, because we have used the iTero scanner in your initial appointment, these results are uploaded immediately to the Invisalign lab, which saves time to mail results and receive the aligners in return.

This is where you leave everything to us – you can go out and enjoy all the fun things life has to offer, whilst we communicate with the Invisalign lab to craft your custom trays.

Within a few days, we will receive a mockup of what the modifications will look like at each stage, once our orthodontist approves this, we can give the go-ahead for the lab to start making the aligners, which will be shipped directly to us upon completion.

This stage of the process can take on average, around three weeks.

4. Begin your Invisalign journey

Once your aligners have arrived, we will bring you back into our dental office for your “delivery” appointment.

This is where we will begin to test out your first set of aligners and apply the attachments to your teeth that will be used to keep your aligners fitting securely when you wear them.

Then you’re all ready to go home equipped with your first several trays that will include information and care kits.

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5. Now, watch the magic happen

Within a few weeks, you will actually begin to see your teeth move, which makes for an exciting experience.

You will be required to wear your aligners for 22 hours a day, which can be removed to eat, brush and floss.

It is likely that you will be switching to a new set of aligners in your series around every two to three weeks with some slight discomfort initially as your teeth get used to your new set.

What the payment process is like:

First, the Gentle Dental will schedule in with a paid consultation charged at £69, which will allow you some time with the Treatment Coordinator and orthodontist, who will analyse your bite, take impressions and map out your smile. It is here, that we will also discuss which package you would like to pursue as well assigning the additional free treatments to go alongside your service.

Once the first initial appointment has taken place and the details sent to the lab, we then require a 10% deposit to secure your treatment and the dentist’s time.

We will invite you back into our dental office once we receive your custom aligner trays back from the laboratory, it will be in this stage, for our patients to pay upfront to pay the remaining balance that was quoted to them in the initial consultation.

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Overall advantages of Invisalign systems

Safe, stable, and secure

Practically invisible, strengthens the oral state

Faster and easier, no stigma

Require fewer appointments, check-ups, and treatment times

Does not disrupt activities like sports and playing musical instruments

40% fewer appointments compared to traditional braces

Less likely to need an emergency appointment

3D digital planning for complete accuracy and precision

How much does Invisalign cost?

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