Veneer Maintenance

Advice from cosmetic veneer dentists on how to keep your veneers perfect for longer.

The Correct Aftercare Process for Veneers

One of the benefits of porcelain veneers is that they are highly resistant to staining and cannot decay.

However, it is important that our patients bear in mind that they will still require regular care and attention to maintain them, the same way your natural teeth would need caring for.

After your application appointment, your cosmetic dentist will provide you with an aftercare pack and advise you on the best steps to take care of your veneers.

Different brands and materials of veneers may require different attention.

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Caring for veneers: An overview

  • Use mouthwash daily
  • Visit the dentist regularly
  • For our bruxism patients, wear a nightguard to prevent wearing down your veneers
  • Maintain a strong and healthy oral hygiene routine
  • Visit a hygienist to ensure proper cleaning
  • Be careful with beverages like red wine and coffee. This
  • Do not smoke to avoid nicotine stains

Top tips from the cosmetic dentist: Dr Ali Rifai

Just like regular teeth, veneers will need regular cleaning and upkeep.

This involves brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing and using mouthwash.

It’s a fact that porcelain will not decay, however as they are attached to your natural teeth, you need to remember that these are prone to decay and hold the veneer in place.

Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to avoid impairing the surface polish of the veneer.

Chewing random objects can always be harmful to your oral foundation and teeth.

Veneers are crafted from a very strong material (porcelain) but have been known to chip from patients biting down into ice, hard candy and other foods that require a lot of biting force.

It’s also a tip to cut down foods into easier bite-size portions, foods you can do this with include apple, celery and peaches.

Bruxism is a major dental problem, which if left untreated can damage your teeth causing your jaw to misalign at the joint.

Patients suffering from bruxism and tooth grinding complain of joint and jaw pain from clenching and scraping their teeth when they are asleep.

If you have veneers you will want to get this problem looked into and treated as it can potentially crack the porcelain or strip the polish.

Many of the foods and beverages we intake on a daily basis can stain our teeth.

An advantage of porcelain veneers is that they are highly resistant to discolouration or staining.

However, the area around the veneer can still stain as well as the cement used to apply the veneers.

Items like beetroots, berries, colas, red wine, coffee and tea can be culprits!

You can still enjoy these items, but it is advised to use a straw when you can chew carefully and always rinse your mouth afterwards.

Tobacco use, cigars and chewing tobacco can also cause the discolouration of porcelain.

If in doubt, feel free to call us for any help or advice. We are here for you.

Call: 020 8224 7562.

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