Advanced Dental Technology

In an increasingly busy world, we appreciate that visiting the dentist is often an afterthought.

Therefore, we want to introduce you to the first of our three types of digital scanners.

Saving you time

The CerecOmnicam scanner was introduced to The Gentle Dental Implant and Cosmetic Centre in 2016.

We can carry out single or multiple tooth treatments such as crownsveneers and even implant treatment for you in as little as 60 minutes.

During your consultation, we will choose the most appropriate material for you and your teeth so that you may achieve the most optimum aesthetics.

Our on-site lab technician will add character to the milled teeth before we bond them to your teeth.

With this scanner and milling unit combination, you can have a single tooth repaired in 60 minutes or an entire same-day full-mouth smile makeover.

  • No more uncomfortable moulds on your teeth
  • No more second visits
  • Single-visit treatment means only one set of anaesthetic

While we make your tooth, you can relax in our patient lounge, enjoying a hot or cold beverage, reading your favourite magazine or watching on-demand television.

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The iTero scanner is state-of-the-art

  1. The operation of an iTero scanner means we no longer have to create fiddly and, frankly, time-consuming manual moulds of your teeth.
  2. The scanner can create a digital impression of your teeth in five minutes.
  3. Our new iTero intraoral scanner also means you won’t need to wait around to be passed from specialist to specialist.
  4. Dentists, nurses and assistants can use the scanner.
  5. Digital accuracy reduces errors. One of the biggest advantages of digital intraoral scanners is improved accuracy.
  6. The precision of digital impressions compared with manual ones means that your crown, veneer or denture will fit perfectly and comfortably. Therefore reducing the chances of having to revisit for further adjustments.
  7. Many patients find that seeing their teeth as 3D digital colour impressions gives them a greater understanding of the state of their teeth currently and how they can be improved. This is a much more realistic display than mould and accompanying X-rays.
  8. The iTero scanner can show you a simulation of the teeth if they were to be straightened with orthodontic treatment, giving the dentist and the patient an idea of the final result. This means no longer having to guess how your teeth would look once straightened.

Digital CT Scan

Portrait of happy patient in dental chair receiving the best orthodontic care in Surrey

This piece of equipment gives a high definition of a accurate 3-D view of the area of the jaw that is being treated, thus allowing your dentist to treat you with ultimate precision. 

Benefits include:

  • Comfortable and easy – only takes a few minutes
  • Lower radiation dose as we use the latest generation of scanner
  • High-definition 2D and 3D images for the diagnosis and cross-sectional images of teeth and the jaw
  • Provides a huge amount of important information in one single scan
  • Multi-layer panoramic images & highest standard first-class image quality
  • Greater versatility of use thus, specific images can be created
  • Precise and accurate giving an accurate diagnosis
  • In-depth and highly detailed 3D treatment planning

Exceptional diagnostic clarity is necessary for successful treatments in areas of dental care such as implantology, endodontics (root canal treatments) and oral surgery.

We are pleased to be able to offer all patients the opportunity to undergo treatment with such highly phased technology.

Accurate treatment planning, enhanced visualisation and convenient access to invaluable information allow the dentist and the patient to make better decisions.

This means the treatment is incredibly precise, thus increasing its chance of success.

It has fast become an indispensable tool.

What is the Digital CT Scan used for?

  • Treatment planning – assess jaw bone height and width and nerve and tooth position before treatment
  • Implant placement – locate important anatomy before placing an implant
  • Accurate diagnosis of the areas around teeth
  • Assess root resorption or damage
  • Root canal treatment
  • Accurate surgery planning
  • Scan sinuses

This versatile world-renowned technology is bringing dentistry into a new age where outstanding imagery is allowing accurate treatment decisions to be made with quicker treatment responses.

This helps both the dentist and the patient in understanding all the options and possibilities.

Using these types of technology within our practice allows us to continue providing exceptional levels of care and leaving our patients happy with the results of their treatment.

Digital Radiography

We use the latest generation of X-ray and Radiograph units.

This has huge benefits over the older analogue units.

  • Quick and safe
  • Increased comfort
  • Instant results saving time
  • High definition sensors
  • Ultra-low dosage
  • Increase diagnostic accuracy
  • Allows us to send to specialists with ease

If you would like any further information, please ask any team member.

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Dental Operating Microscopes

We have an Mercury Free Microscopy.

This has been one of the most invaluable pieces of equipment at our practice.

Our endodontist Dr Richard Condon, completes root canal work with precision and increase clarity – ensuring that all root canals are completed to the highest standards.

He has found that the accuracy associated with using a microscope gives him greater control during a procedure.

Our principal dentist Dr Ali Rifai may use the microscope while completing ultra-thin veneer preparations where he needs accuracy to the nearest 0.1mm.

This ensures that the most minimal tooth preparation is carried out, yet achieve the highest standards.

Intra-Oral Camera

We believe you as the patient should be able to see exactly what the dentist sees.

This allows our patients to make better choices for their oral health and dental care.

The intra-oral camera is a pen-like device that goes inside the mouth and captures a high definition photo.

The image is then sent to a screen live for you to see.

The intra-oral camera is used throughout each stage of a treatment or an examination meaning that each patient has more control of their dental treatment.

We have found that when patients are advised to treat a condition in their mouth the intra-oral camera has had a significant positive impact on the decision making the process of our patients.

Benefits include

  • High definition image of your teeth on a screen in front of you
  • We can get to areas of the mouth that are normally hard to see
  • You can see a damaged tooth the way your dentist sees it
  • We save the images so we can see the progression or changes over time
  • Become more involved in your own dental care
  • Increase patients understanding

Air Abrasion

We want our patients to experience comfort while having their dental treatment.

For this reason, we have invested in the latest gadgets. The AquaCut 2 is an essential part of our armoury in treating dental issues.

Benefits of air abrasion technology

  • No drill sounds
  • No drilling sensation on teeth
  • No pain
  • No anaesthetic
  • No vibration
  • No discomfort
  • Eliminates the risk of chipping/stress fractures during treatment

When can Aquacut be used

  • Removal of dental decay
  • Repair cracks
  • Clean stained fissures
  • Preparation for fissure sealants
  • Remove stains
  • Repair chips, fractured and worn teeth
  • Air Polishing to remove plaque and tarter
  • Removal of cement on teeth

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

veneer before and after image of a patient who required a full smile makeoverUsing DSD our patients can get involved in the planning of their smile enhancement process, co-designing their own treatment by sharing objectives, expressing their desires and expectations with the dental team.

We have found that the interaction between patient and our dentists is improved by photos and videos taken at several steps of the treatment.

We have found that great results will be achieved – creating a path to a natural, confident and beautiful smile.

The smile is designed using a whole range of information including patients facial and dental proportions, taking a series of predetermined high-quality digital photographs and videos so the dental team can understand the relationship between your teeth, gums, lips, smile with the facial features in motion and with emotion.

Trial Smiles

A trial smile is where were our patients are able to try out their new look smile prior to having any dental work completed.

Using a combination of composite material, digital photographs and videos we are able to show our patients how their teeth can look like.

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