Enlighten Teeth Whitening in Surrey

The Gentle Dental Practice, East Molesey

As we age our teeth do darken, add in tea, coffee and red wine drinking and you can find your teeth do seem rather dull. Most people appreciate brighter whiter teeth and a fresh smile can really improve your confidence. Even if you think your teeth are beyond help the whitening system we use can brighten and lighten most teeth. Some may take a little longer treatments but most will get results that really do help keep you smiling.


Within 7-10 days of using this system you will have a brighter smile to be really pleased with. Many of our patients use this treatment after they have straightened their teeth and we can also use it in conjunction with more complex restorative work when we may be replacing crowns or veneers on front teeth. We like to whiten the existing teeth before placing new crowns as part of a Smile Makeover to get a great long lasting result you can be happy with.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Enlighten Tooth Whitening system is our system of choice as we feel the system is safe and reliable with predictable results. The results are so predictable that we are able to give a shade guarantee as long as you follow our instructions and guidance.


Enlighten uses custom fitted trays over your teeth to deliver a hydrogen peroxide based whitening solution. We will show you how to place the trays and how to place the gel to have maximum benefit and maximum impact. For those of you that have heard whitening can produce sensitivity you will be pleased to know that the Enlighten system has a special desensitising system to minimise this side effect and it really is effective. This is also included in your treatment.


Many gels are available to whiten teeth but Enlighten’s gels are safe and non-erosive, some can cause damage to the surface of the tooth and can even produce whitening by dehydration. Enlighten ensures the tooth surface is safe and will not erode or dehydrate.