Cosmetic Smile Makeovers

The Gentle Dental Practice, East Molesey

If you would like to change several aspects of how your teeth look, you may be looking for a Smile Makeover. Generally it will involve several types of treatment, tooth whitening, tooth straightening, veneers, implants etc. and a deep knowledge and understanding of your problem.


Our team are well placed to help with this kind of care being experienced in a full range of dental treatments to a high level. Being able to call on specialists and dentists with a special interest in a field help immensely too.

Your Smile Makeover Consultation

A full assessment must be carried out with your dentist at The Gentle Dental Practice in East Molesey to fully understand the problem and to be able to offer a solution. We can then discuss the options fully with you so you can understand the time frames, expectations and costs involved.


A Smile Makeover typically involves several areas of treatment and may well involve several members of the team, maybe the Dental Hygienist, your Dentist and perhaps a Specialist.


Time spent in the assessment phase is never wasted and a deep understanding with these treatments is essential for the full success. Our team will work well together to provide the solution you require.