Periodontology Treatments

The Gentle Dental Practice, East Molesey

At The Gentle Dental Practice in East Molesey we are able to offer more complex dental services because of the experience we have in our team. We are fortunate to have a Specialist Periodontist, Dr Petros Moschouris, who visits the practice to look after our patients.


Most teeth are lost through gum disease or Periodontitis, so it is a very important disease and treating it can vary from patient to patient. We understand the interaction between overall medical health and periodontitis and how this can change the course of the disease.


Dr Moschouris works with the rest of the team to improve the prognosis of periodontitis, particularly working with the Dental Hygienist who will carry out some of the treatment necessary.


Dr Moschouris can intercept when necessary with cases where we see little improvement with hygiene therapy and that may require surgery to save teeth.


A team approach means that all complex cases are discussed and different options considered as it isn’t always the case that there is one solution. Together with our patients we help you decide and plan a course of action. More complex treatments also require more extensive equipment and we have all the equipment that you would expect.

What is Periodontology

Periodontology is the field of dentistry associated with the gums, bone and the supporting tissues which constitute the periodontium. Gum disease or periodontitis destroys these supporting tissues .


The Dental Hygienist will work hard with you to treat simple forms of periodontitis but more advanced forms may require more complex care from our Periodontal Specialist Dr Moschouris.


Occasionally surgery is required and special forms of deep cleansing, this can all be offered in house at The Gentle Dental Practice without having to be referred elsewhere, giving great continuity of care.

Treatments for the prevention of gum disease in Molesey, Hampton Court and Thames Ditton Surrey