Single Dental Implants

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When a single tooth is missing there are a few ways to replace it. A denture, a bridge or perhaps you may wish to consider a dental implant?


Dentures are often obtrusive and uncomfortable especially when only replacing one tooth and a bridge may involve having to cut down the neighbouring teeth. We try and be as minimally invasive as possible and save as much tooth tissue as possible so a bridge may be quite a destructive way to replace one missing tooth.


The third choice, replacement with a dental implant could well be the most straightforward and biologically sound way to replace the missing tooth.


A dental implant is a titanium rod that is inserted into the bone, under local anaesthetic and quite simply it is left to fuse to the bone over a three month period or osseo-integrate. Once this process is complete the implant is used just like a root may have been used to support a crown via a supra-structure.


A dental implant retained crown is the closest we can get to a real tooth and with the proper follow on care and attention will give you years of service.


We have the ability to be able to place implants with intravenous sedation for those patients who are concerned they may be anxious during dental implant treatment.


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Single Dental Implants


A single dental implant can restore a missing tooth to excellent form and function and you may be hard pressed to tell which is the replacement tooth.


These teeth need maintenance just as your own teeth do and we will encourage regular visits to our dental hygienist to maintain excellent oral health.

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