Multiple Dental Implants

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When several teeth are missing a denture is often the choice for replacing lost teeth, but for many dental implants are more satisfactory.


A denture can loosen and move whilst talking and eating and it can also damage the adjacent teeth. Dentures also cause the mouth to produce more plaque and so they can affect the gum health of the remaining teeth and thus shorten their lifespan.


When multiple teeth are missing replacement with dental implants needs to be considered. Several implants can be replaced and depending on spacing between implants and length of distance between we can restore the spaces using fixed bridges fastened to the implants or dentures that “click” into place on the implants.


The dental implant, made of titanium, is inserted into the bone, under local anaesthetic and quite simply it is left to fuse to the bone over a three month period or in dental terms, osseo-integrate. Once this process is complete the implant is used just like a root may have been used to support a crown via a supra-structure, or an attachment for a denture.


We have the ability to be able to place implants with intravenous sedation for those patients who are concerned they may be anxious about this kind of treatment. This is very useful when several implants are to be placed when this treatment may be more time consuming.


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Multiple Dental Implants


Dental implants are the best solution for replacing missing teeth, however they still require follow up care just like your own teeth.


We recommend regular visits to our dental hygienist with a personalised preventive programme to ensure the best oral health possible.

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