A Sparkle to End the Year?

Philips Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening at the Gentle Dental Practice in Surrey

A Sparkle to End the Year?

Your teeth do tend to darken with certain food, drinks and just as a general reminder that you are ageing!! However, we can bring the brightness and the sparkle back in a very simple way! Really, we hear you ask, how?

Tooth Whitening is a really effective way to bring back the sparkle.
It is important to know, though, that not all tooth whiteners are equal!! Some can actually be harmful and can strip the tooth of some of the outer coating leaving them damaged and sensitive. Sounds scary? Well it can be, that is why we recommend only having whitening carried out by your dental professional.

Well we would say that wouldn’t we!?
Your teeth are precious and we don’t want you to damage them, only enhance, and there have been reports of people being sold carpet cleaner to whiten teeth so please avoid the internet and remember Tooth Whitening is the Practise of Dentistry and should only be carried out by dental professionals.

So what’s so great about the products available at The Gentle Dental?
We use tried and tested systems that will whiten your teeth predictably, reliably and safely. We know they work and will guide you and show you how to use them.

The only effective tooth whitening agent is Hydrogen Peroxide and it is about having safe gels that release hydrogen peroxide in a safe concentration to the areas where it is needed and make sure we protect the other areas such as the delicate gum surrounding the teeth.

What systems are available?
We have two systems, one is a fast whiten within the practice, the other a home whitening system. Both have been shown to give the same results it is just some people want that initial fast whiten to boost the whitening.

Laser teeth whitening in Surrey at the Gentle Dental Practice East Molesey, Esher, Thames Ditton and Kingston upon Thames.

Zoom In House Whitening
This is our In House system that gives a super initial whitening and is excellent if you want to be ready for Christmas and New Year within an hour!!

The whitening gel is applied to your teeth and then the new Philips Zoom White Speed light is shone on your teeth to activate the whitening agent. Around one hour later you leave the practice with a whiter smile, sparkling!

What about Home Whitening?
Home whitening just takes longer and is great if you are not looking for an instant improvement but a more gradual lighten and whiten.

So what do I do now?
Just get in touch and book an appointment! We do have a very special pre-Christmas promotion on Zoom Whitening but don’t delay if you want to shine this Christmas!!

Simply call 020 8224 7562 to make your appointment today.

See you soon.

Dr Ali Rifai
Principal Dental Surgeon
The Gentle Dental Practice, East Molesey, Surrey