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1st September 2021

International Dental Blogs for all Your Dental Implant News

As implant specialists here at the Gentle Dental, we always keep up to date with the latest technology and dental implant news.

This is so that we can keep up to date with the best ways to treat complex cases, learn from other professionals in the industry and ensure we deliver a high standard of patient care.

Take a look at some of our favourites:

1. Burbank Dental Implants

  • Frequency: 2 posts / quarter

Covering many complex articles on dental implants and all the sub treatments that come under implant dentistry, such as bone grafting, bone loss, dental bridges, sinus lifts and general dental implant costs.

The writer, Dr Amin, has an extensive background in restorative dentistry and dental implant surgery. As a dental implant specialist, he is very involved in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID).

2. The Dental Implant Place Blog

  • Frequency: 3 posts / week

Expect to see articles featuring complex dental implant restorations and updates and news on dental technology and minimally invasive treatments.

Dr Brown also writes on topics like jawbone grafting, extraction and mini dental implants. Dr Brown has over two decades plus in implant dentistry.

3. Archpoint Implant Dentistry Blog

  • Frequency: 1 post / week

For the latest dental implant news and articles about general oral care and hygiene, Archpoint Implant Dentistry’s blog talks well about state-of-the-art technologies and the best materials available on the market today.

4. Implant Practice US

  • Frequency: 9 posts / quarter

One of the world’s best leading dental journals, Implant Practice US, is a promising publication discussing dental implantology, education and case studies to keep specialists up to date with the latest challenges they face with implantology.

5. Spotimplant’s Blog

  • Frequency: 4 post / week

Showcasing a comprehensive knowledge about dental implants across the world.

6. Dental Implants Professionals Blog

  • Frequency: 1 post / week

Featuring articles on:

  • Dental implants
  • Costs of implant dentistry
  • Bone grafting and sinus grafts
  • Tooth replacements

7. 1899 Dental Implant Blog

  • Frequency: 1 post / month

Discussing the affordability of implants and solutions for patients with single or multiple missing teeth.

8. New Teeth Chicago Dental Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry Center

  • Frequency: 1 post / week

Posting blog posts that cover the latest dental implant technology.

9. New Teeth Now

  • Frequency: 1 post / week

The latest news regarding dental implants and oral surgery.

10. Texas Wisdom Teeth

  • Frequency: 5 post / year

Showcasing how to deliver treatments in a caring and compassionate way.

11. Harrell Dental Implant Center Blog

  • Frequency: 2 post / quarter

Dr Harrell covers articles on:

  • Dental implants technology, bone grafting, implant bridges
  • Dental implant process (every aspect)
  • Denture stabilisation, implant placement and more

12. Foundation Dental Solutions

  • Frequency: 2 posts / quarter

Covers blog posts on:

  • Implants, dental implant bridges, dental implant costs
  • Dental implant technology, advanced dental implant procedures and more

13. The Algarve Dental Implants Blog

  • Frequency: 1 posts / quarter

Articles feature mostly the all-on-4 technique and provide essential information for travelling patients. This blog is a personal project of implant dentist; Dr Cris Piessens, an experienced implantologist.

14. Audley Dental Solutions

  • Frequency: 1 posts / month

Specific implant insights and news for practitioners.

15. Jacksonville Center For Prosthodontics And Implant Dentistry Blog

  • Frequency: 3 posts / quarter

Covers articles on dental implants, all-on-4 dental implants, sedation dentistry, complete dental reconstruction, cosmetic dentistry, sleep apnea treatment, dental crowns & bridges, dentures & partials and more

16. Sheen Dental Implants

  • Frequency: 1 posts / week

Information concerning gum disease and dental implants and dentures.

17. Mingara Dental & Implant Centre

  • Frequency: 3 posts / month

Specialising in cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and treatments like oral rehabilitation and implants.

18. Sutton Smiles

  • Frequency: 2 posts / month

Blogs tend to focus on patient care and what can be done daily to ensure good oral health.

19. Chrysalis Dental Centres Blog | Dental Implants

  • Frequency: 2 posts / month

Talking about the benefits of permanent Teeth-in-a-Day.

20. Edison Medical Blog

  • Frequency: 6 posts / year

Updates about new dental implant products and interesting facts from around the world.

21. Pi Dental Center Blog

  • Frequency: 10 posts / year

Featuring articles on the dental health issues and complications surrounding dental implants and the restoration of missing teeth.

22. Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center

  • Frequency: 6 posts / quarter

The latest articles covering all-on-4 dental implants were written by Dr Mirkhan.

23. Dental Implants Clinic Blog

  • Frequency: 10 posts / year

Scholarly sources for dental implants information and education.

Also covers:

  • Dental implants maintenance and cleaning
  • Bone grafting, cosmetic dentistry procedures and more.

24. Silberg Center Blog

  • Frequency: 3 posts / year

Educational and Informational posts about proper dental health care and the rehabilitation treatment for advanced dental diseased conditions like gum disease.

25. Dental Guide to Best Dentists – Dental Implants

  • Frequency: 8 posts / year

Featuring dental implant updates from a varied amount of specialists.

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