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Bridge and Porcelain Veneers

This patient came to our East Molesey practice requesting cosmetic dentistry to improve the oral condition of the upper jaw and the appearance of their top front teeth. One of the patient's biggest concerns was the colour of the teeth - where the preexisting and unsightly NHS crown did not match perfectly to surrounding teeth. Specialist dentist, Dr Ali Rifai then prescribed and applied porcelain veneers, which blended flawlessly with her neighbouring teeth as the patient wished. This technique can easily be done as the nature of veneers is to look natural and match healthy teeth present in the mouth.

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This patient wanted to improve the appearance of the lower front incisor teeth. The position of the lower incisor bothered her.This was caused by overcrowding in the bottom jaw, which resulted in her teeth becoming crooked. After a consultation with us we were able to show her the slight but effective improvements that we can do for the upper and lower teeth using Invisalign. See: Types of Invisalign Treatment. The clear aligner treatment took approximately 6 months and was finished with Boutique teeth whitening and composite bonding to improve the overall aesthetics of the mouth. Another happy customer:
The gentle dental practice were brilliant- great service and completely transformed my smile with Invisalign! I am very happy with the result and would highly recommend to anyone! Ali and his team are very attentive to your needs and give the advice to suit what they think would be the best in your individual circumstance.

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Full Smile Makeover: Repaired, white smile!

This patient presented to us with a wish to drastically improve and enhance the appearance of her teeth. The patient had also lost teeth, which needed replacing in the back of her mouth. After a full assessment and discussion with the patient, we were able to replace her missing teeth using dental implants, repair the broken teeth with crowns, and improve the worn crooked teeth with veneers. She was delighted.
The outstanding level of communication and support provided by the entire team at the Gentle Dental Practice fills one with confidence and positivity. Follow up calls are made after treatment and everyone is exceptionally friendly and kind but professional at all times. I can honestly say it is a pleasure to go to the dentist or to see the hygienist! They really care.

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Veneers & Bridges

In this instance, veneers were used to cover the front tooth, whilst a bridge was used to replace the front missing tooth. As a result of sports injury, the patient needed to replace the gap in his mouth. To complete the overall finish, the colour of the veneers and implant needed to match the existing teeth - here we gave the patient a fresher and brighter smile that still looked natural. See: Dental Implants vs Bridges.

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After a consultation, the patient was suffering from slight fluorisis, however, her major concern was the shape and gaps located in the front upper teeth. Once we had discussed the patient's treatment plan, it was decided to place veneers on the two front teeth and neighbouring incisors, which were contoured to the desired shape. Following the application of the veneers, we used staining techniques to perfectly match the colour of her natural teeth but also with the aim of brightening the smile.

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teeth whitening


Veneers were used in this case on the front upper teeth to correct problems with discolouration and overbite. The patient requested an instant transformation and the whole process took no longer than three appointments, from consultation to application.

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Single Tooth Implant

Before a major full mouth reconstruction and makeover, Dr Ali Rifai had implanted the upper front missing tooth for the patient so that they could resume functionality (eating and speaking). The patient's mouth had contained pre-existing crowns that needed replacing as well as noting problems like discolouration, staining and decay.
Great service from the team at Gentle Dental including Dr Ali and Vanessa, would highly recommend! I was seen on very short notice and my worries were settled immediately. Thank you!

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Upper Dental Implant Bridge

With a bridge, the patient has control over the colour and shape of three teeth. A fast alternative to close gaps, bridges can often be completed in two days and give the appearance of a fully reconstructed mouth. Implant bridges will need to be replaced every 5-15 years, whereas standalone implants are more of a permanent, long-lasting solution to missing teeth. In this instance, the patient had three teeth attached to the existing back teeth on either side.

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full mouth reconstruction

Upper Full Arch Implant Bridge

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two single implants

Upper Bridges

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Upper Arch Rehab


Same Day Crowns


Dental Implant: Lower Implant Bridge

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Invisalign, Whitening & Bonding

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Invisalign, Whitening and Bonding

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Invisalign and Veneers

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Full Mouth Rehab

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Full Mouth Repair

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Full Mouth Restorative Work

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teeth straightening

Fixed Braces

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