Lifetime Tooth Whitening in East Molesey

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Lifetime Tooth Whitening in East Molesey

When you see celebrities in the media do you wonder how they get such white teeth and whilst some may look a bit too artificial you would secretly love to have a smile that sparkles?

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There are lots of ways to achieve such a smile and sometimes this has been done with lots of dental work, however, we find there is a much easier way to improve the appearance of your teeth without having to damage the teeth with extensive dental treatment.

We find that Tooth Whitening can make massive changes that give you the brightness and change to your teeth you have been looking for. Even slightly irregular teeth can look straighter if they are brighter, although you may opt for one of our Tooth Straightening treatments as well.


How does Tooth Whitening work?

The only product that has been proven to whiten teeth safely is Hydrogen Peroxide so we use gels that release hydrogen peroxide, either as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide and the maximum concentration that can be used is 6% and this can only be prescribed by a dental professional.

The gel is applied to your teeth and then either activated with a light or left for a while on the tooth surface by wearing trays over your teeth for several hours. The gel acts on the surface of the tooth and starts to lighten the colour.

We have two systems of Tooth Whitening at The Gentle Dental

  • In-surgery “Laser” Whitening or “Zoom” whitening
  • Home tray whitening – Enlighten and Zoom


In-surgery “Laser” whitening

This system has an initial boost of whitening by having the gels applied to your teeth and then a light is used to activate the gels for a period of around one hour. You will then go home with gels to continue the process at home using trays in which to apply the gels either overnight or for a few hours during the day.

Many people like the initial boost that the laser whitening gives.

Home tray whitening

Will give the same result as the first system but over a longer period of time. You attend the practice for impressions of your teeth, we then construct trays to fit and you go home with your trays, whitening gel and instructions as to how to carry out the treatment at home. The trays need to be worn for at least a few hours and you may choose to either wear them whilst you sleep or wear them for a few hours during the day.

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How long can I expect it to take?

With the laser whitening you will see a change after your first treatment, the home whitening takes a little longer but usually after a 2 week treatment you will have the brightness you were looking for. Sometimes, if you are a little older, or your teeth a little darker, it may take longer but all teeth can be whitened using this method. We cannot whiten crowns or veneers with this or a tooth that has been root treated, they made need alternative treatments.

I have heard teeth can feel quite sensitive after this treatment is that true?

Most people have no problems with post whitening sensitivity but a few can. We explain to you what to do if this happens and don’t worry, it will improve if you use the desensitising gel we can give you. Generally if you follow our Whitening Protocol you should have minimal discomfort.

How long will the whitening last?

We recommend that you have regular top ups to maintain the whiteness and for some it can be a once a year treatment, others a few times a year. Because you have your trays already made all you need is more gel to repeat your treatments. The gel is available to buy at the practice but it is also part of our Lifetime Whitening package.


Lifetime teeth whitening and dental hygiene in East Molsey, Surrey

What is Lifetime Whitening?

For all our patients who sign up to one of our Denplan Care plans for regular visits to the dentist and the dental hygienist and whom have had a whitening treatment with us we will offer Lifetime Whitening for you. This means that every time you attend for your dental hygiene appointment you will be given some whitening gel to allow you to refresh your whitening.

If that sounds like a great offer why not call 020 8224 7562 and speak to Danielle who can give you more information and arrange an appointment.


We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Dr Ali Rifai BDS