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invisalign children alignersInvisalign & Children: Making Little Smiles Stronger, Straighter and Healthier

Do you want to help your child’s teeth grow into a perfect position and save all the stress and avoid the stigma around metal braces later in life?

Invisalign is specially designed for little smiles, which aims to improve your child’s smile as they grow. Using the latest materials and advanced technology, Invisalign First stops oral bite issues like overbites and overcrowding from overdeveloping.

If you want to keep your child’s smile on the right track, contact The Gentle Dental today (we’re Platinum Providers of Invisalign, which means we are one of only a few, who have treated the most cases of Invisalign in Europe).

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The important bits: What parents need to know

  1. Invisalign First treats a wide variety of tooth alignment issues that are often seen in children, which range from complex issues like crowding, spacing, and narrow dental arches.
  2. The aligners are invisible and removable, which means your little ones will experience minimal disruption to their routines or daily life.
  3. There’s no need for brackets or wires, Invisalign is made from high-grade plastic that is very comfortable.
  4. Invisalign First is targeted at children’s growing teeth so they can be protected and guided into their correct position.
  5. They come with blue dot indicators that will help you gauge the wearing time of the aligners.

What Invisalign First treats

Made for children aged between 6-10.

invisalign first malocclussion cases

Massive results for small smiles

  • Class II malocclusions effectively treated
  • Uses the right amount of power, at the right time to push the jaw forward
  • Reliable and trusted results

Your local Invisalign dentist knows best

The best place to begin with this journey is with an accredited provider of this treatment.

So, when it comes to finding the right Invisalign doctor, you’ll want to choose an orthodontist with many years of experience, and one that has achieved great results for hundreds of cases.

How can you tell which Invisalign dentist is the best? The level of the provider will quickly show you which dentist has invested the most time, practice, and dedication to the treatment.

We’re almost a Diamond Provider of Invisalign, so you can trust that you are in safe hands with us. 

Unique to you

The consultation period will be an important time for us to gauge and assess the state and severity of your child’s bite problem – we do this by taking thousands of 3D images, which even have the power to show you exactly what your child’s smile will look like after the aligners come off.

invisalign patient review

The most accurate way to straighten your smile

  • Invisalign First is proven to be more accurate, precise and takes the guesswork out of orthodontics
  • Aligners that are custom made to fit snuggly and comfortably
  • Blue indicators to help you and your child stay on track
  • Not as painful as conventional braces due to SmartTrack materials
  • Discreet and convenient – fits with your child’s activities like sport and music
  • 3D visual interfacing allows our dentists to customise your smile like never before
  • The mapping software used uses strict algorithms that calculate the right amount of force required to move each individual tooth
  • Some orthodontists through lack of experience or knowledge may turn down some orthodontic cases that might be too difficult, this can all be avoided with the iTero scanner
  • More than just impressions, the iTero scanner allows patients to feel more in control of the finished result as they will get to see how their teeth will look at each stage of the treatment

Invisalign costs

  • Invisalign First: From £2,500
  • Invisalign Teen: From 3,000
  • Invisalign: From £3,000
  • Invisalign Go: From £2,500

keep your child's teeth perfect and healthyThere are many common stipulations and misconceptions surrounding the Invisalign treatment. For example, many think that it can only treat minor cases (not true) and that is so much more expensive than conventional braces (again, not true).

As Invisalign is not available or free via the NHS, patients can either chose to pay upfront or in interest-free monthly installments.

Interest-free monthly payment plans can be arranged very easily and can start as little as £80 a month.

Invisalign can also be paid for with dental insurance, although we recommend checking with your provider if this treatment is covered.

What do you get with Invisalign?

The Gentle Dental calculates the following into the cost:

  • Other corrective work like teeth whitening or cosmetic bonding (however, this is more viable for our teen and adult cases – Invisalign First will concentrate only on alignment).
  • iTero Scan worth hundreds of pounds
  • Your entire set of clear and removable aligners
  • Vivera retainers
  • All your appointments and check-ups

Your Invisalign journey

  1. The chance to go through your options and questions with an Invisalign co-ordinator
  2. Time with the expert orthodontist who will assess and examine the oral condition (consultations charged at £69)
  3. Impressions, X-rays, and scans were taken of the mouth to be uploaded digitally to Invisalign immediately upon agreement of the procedure (here you pay your deposit to secure the treatment, production, and dentist)
  4. Invisalign make and design your aligners and within just a few weeks they will arrive ready for your delivery appointment
  5. Next, you will be expected to pay your remaining fee and we will fit the aligners and book in your follow-up sessions. You will receive your first set, which you will need to swap out every few weeks or so

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Our Invisalign reviews

  • Couldn’t recommend the Gentle Dental Practice in Mosley enough. The staff was always very welcoming when arriving for each appointment and Dr. Ali made me feel very comfortable and at ease throughout my treatment. Invisalign I highly recommend getting it done via this practice. Thank you again to Dr. Ali and all the staff for all your hard work over this difficult period, really appreciate it! – Kayla Carstens
  • This practice was recommended to me by a friend. I’m extremely happy with the results achieved at the Gentle Dental Centre! After a much longer journey than expected (due to COVID and lockdown) – I’ve now finished the Invisalign, whitening, and bonding treatment with Michael. He did a fantastic job, reinforced by all of the compliments I’m receiving! – Layla A
  • The gentle dental practice was brilliant- great service and completely transformed my smile with Invisalign! I am very happy with the result and would highly recommend it to anyone! Ali and his team are very attentive to your needs and give advice to suit what they think would be the best in your individual circumstance. – Amie Watson
  • Did a great job of straightening my teeth with Invisalign treatment! – James Crisp
  • I am completely delighted with the results of my Invisalign treatment. Thank you so much Ali for all your care and attention to detail. – Judith Pain
  • Just finished my Invisalign treatment here. It has been amazing. Lovely staff and my teeth look fantastic! – Lucy Buck
  • I am very happy with my teeth and since completing the treatment I have received so many compliments from friends and family. I was able to pay for my Invisalign treatment in monthly installments which made it very affordable for me. All of the staff at the Gentle Dental were very friendly, helpful, and professional and I would recommend their practice to anyone looking for a dentist. – Sophie Hughes

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