Tooth straightening is it worth it?

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Tooth straightening is it worth it?

If you’re active on Social Media you will no doubt have seen a massive increase in posts offering to straighten your teeth and improve your life especially using Invisalign Clear Aligners. But is it really worth bothering as we get older, what difference can it really make?



Who can have teeth straightening treatments?

It used to be that tooth straightening or orthodontics was the domain of the teenager, a rite of passage viewed with equal amounts of horror and distaste. Grim metal brackets stuck to teeth resembled train tracks and left kids feeling a bit maligned.


This is no longer the case though, with the advent of cosmetic and tooth coloured braces and even clear aligners people of all ages have been having their teeth straightened. We have come to realise that orthodontics can be carried out at any age not just during the pubertal growth stage. One of the benefits we also notice is that adult treatments take no longer than teenagers and can even be quicker – why? Well often adults are more compliant, they follow the rules more because they are engaged patients who really want straighter teeth.


What about the new treatments?

These have also changed the goalposts for most treatments. We now have access to these Cosmetic Tooth Straightening treatments that aren’t full blown orthodontic treatment as your teenager would have had in the past. These treatments only concentrate on aligning the front smiling teeth and so they’re quick, comfortable, as we don’t need to make massive changes or movements to the big, strong molar and premolar teeth.


What is the difference between braces and clear aligners?

Both of these systems will essentially treat the same problems and align your teeth, one is with tooth coloured brackets and one is with a clear plastic aligner like a mouth guard. If you are very self conscious about the look of your teeth or in the public eye then aligners from Invisalign will probably suit you better.



How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign plans your treatment from start to finish on the computer by showing the tooth movements we will need to take you from where you are now to a final straight smile. The laboratory then construct your clear aligners that you will change weekly and they will gradually and gently move your teeth week to week. We usually see you every six weeks or so to check your progress but once started this is a very simple process and our patients love how easy this is. At the end of treatment we will whiten your teeth and perhaps do a little bit of contouring if necessary just to perfect the end result.


And so back to the original question – is it worth having my teeth straightened?

Well we think so but we may be biased so let’s look at some of the benefits.

  • Straighter teeth are easier to clean
  • Reduced chances of gum disease because teeth are straighter and easier to clean
  • Greater confidence in a straighter, whiter smile
  • Less chance of tooth decay as well as easier to clean


Tooth straightening has never been easier to access for all and our patients are really enjoying the benefits that straighter, whiter teeth bring them.

If you would like to find out about our Tooth Straightening options call the practice and speak to Danielle who can arrange an appointment soon.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Dr Ali Rifai BDS
Practice Principal
The Gentle Dental Practice