Could Invisalign get any better??!!

invisalign clear braces surrey

Could Invisalign get any better??!!

We love Invisalign and so do our patients, why?

  • Quick tooth straightening
  • Comfortable clear aligners
  • Discreet almost invisible aligners


So how could it get any better?

Previously we would change your clear aligners every two weeks, now this has changed and has changed our treatment times dramatically! We now change aligners every week, thus halving most treatment times, this is great news!!

invialign clear braces surrey

How is this possible?

Invisalign continue to develop their system and have shown that we are able to progress treatments quicker by changing aligners weekly.


Is treatment the same or are corners being cut?

Treatments are absolutely the same and no corners are being cut, this is just super news for all our patients and for those wanting straight teeth faster.


Do I wear the aligners full time?

The treatment will progress smoothly and according to schedule if you wear them for the maximum amount of time, this means only removing them for eating and cleaning. The aligners may feel strange at first but everyone gets used to them very quickly and wearing them is no hardship, especially when you can see your teeth straightening before your very eyes.



What happens at the end of my treatment?

Dr Rifai will be able to give you a very good idea of when the expected date of completion of your treatment is and towards the end he will make provision for a tooth whitening treatment for you. This is  a great way just to seal the sparkle on your new smile and most people do finish with a Tooth Whitening treatment.


Yes please, what do I do now?

Just get in touch, either call the practice and speak to Danielle or message through our website contact page to book an appointment.


We look forward to helping you to a brighter, straighter smile in 2018!


Dr Ali Rifai

Practice Principal

The Gentle Dental

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