Five Quick Facts about The All on 4 Process

If you’re tired of struggling with the problems associated with missing teeth, then it’s time to face the facts.

What Patients Need to Know about All on 4

Living with gaps in the mouth or uncomfortable dentures can hugely impact your oral health.If you want to replace teeth lost to trauma, gum disease, or decay, then All on Four tooth implants might be the answer for you.But first, let's dive into the truth about the treatment to help you make an informed decision about undergoing the procedure.

Fixed teeth solutions fast facts

All-on-4 implants are proven to stand the test of time, with data showing they can last for 20 years or more with the correct aftercare and maintenance.

All-on-4 implants require no special care or maintenance; patients will be expected to carry out routine oral hygiene expectations such as brushing and flossing around the abutment areas.

The All-on-Four dental implant procedure provides the patient with a permanent set of teeth with a non-removable implant-retained bridge.

All-on-Four implants or Teeth in a Day have been rated highly by more than 95% of our patients.

The four implants placed with All-on-4 support a fixed prosthesis that can hold 10 to 14 teeth.

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They're not really for everyone

Unlike single-tooth implants, All on 4 is most suitable for patients experiencing multiple tooth loss.

For those needing to close an individual gap in the mouth, All-on-4 will not be the recommended treatment – this is because the procedure is more suited to those who only have a few remaining teeth left.

All-on-4 was designed to be the perfect whole arch rehabilitation system that can replace an entire row of teeth using just four implants in just one day.

It's the most affordable option

Believe it or not, All-on-4 is more cost-effective than traditional implants.

So, if you’ve lost a lot of your teeth, the All-on-4 method will be the most economical option.

The treatment concept can help you cut down the fees of other treatments like bone grafts and sinus lifts.

The cost of fixed implants is often split into two; implant placement and teeth in a day (from £10,000) and the final metal framework placed around six months later (from £5,000).

Patients wanting to go the extra mile to achieve natural-looking prosthetics can opt to pay more for ceramic teeth (from £5,000).

Implant financing is available for all our dental implant treatments, which can help you split the cost into easy-to-afford monthly instalments.

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It would be best if you had more root implants in the upper jaw

The upper jaw is prone to more movement than the lower jaw, which means the denture needs additional security.

The clinician may prescribe more than four root implants in the upper jaw, where patients may have five or six spread around the jaw.

However, patients can expect this to be detailed and advised during a tooth implant consultation. Book yours with All-on-4 dental experts at Gentle Dental today.

Fastest treatment time

For our patients, who have lost a lot of their natural tooth structure, the all-on-4 procedure provides them with the fastest solution to a completely restored smile.

In general, the procedure can be a lot shorter than conventional implant treatments because rather than every tooth being implanted individually, only four implants are used per arch.

Once our implant dentist has installed the implant roots, they will be able to place temporary dentures that will make it possible for you to eat, drink and smile without a worry in the world.

Patients typically will receive their permanent dentures within six months of the procedure.

Compared to single implants, which might require bone grafts to place due to insufficient bone density, they also take around four months to heal and may require other procedures within the period leading up to crown placement.


All on 4 is the graftless solution (no bone grafts!)

As the All-on-4 procedure is an advanced implant technique providing entire arch artificial teeth, there is rarely the need for bone grafting procedures when using this implant method.

This will remain true if you have experienced significant jaw bone loss, as your new teeth will be stable and natural-looking without the need for pre-implant procedures.

Discover how good they are yourself

To see precisely how the All-on-4 dental implant solution can benefit you, get in touch with Gentle Dental, which handles multiple complex missing teeth cases a year.

As implant experts, we often say ‘yes’ when other dentists tell patients ‘no’ – this is because we have a certain level of experience and expertise with edentulous cases, which can be hard to come by locally.

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