How to Book Dentist Appointment

We have an up-to-date online booking schedule system, which you can use as a new and existing patient to make an appointment whenever is convenient for you.

Booking a dentist appointment is easy. Especially if you already have a dentist. However, if you’re thinking about switching dentists, perhaps to our practice in East Molesey, you can book an appointment online here without prior registration. You can also fill in this form to begin the registration process, where a team member will make contact and book you within the next 24 hours. The fastest way to do all of this? Just call 020 8224 7562, and one of our reception team members will get you set up in minutes.

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Booking online

You will have various booking options, including cosmetic consultations, check-ups and emergency appointments.

When booking this way, you’ll be required to pay a deposit, typically the same as your appointment, to secure your place and ensure you won’t need to fuss about paying on the day.

Other contact methods

  • Phone: Call 020 8224 7562. We’re open Monday to Saturday, closing at 8 pm on Mondays & Thursdays.
  • Email: Email [email protected] for any out of hours queries or questions. We’ll respond first thing the next morning.
  • Whatsapp: You can message and talk with the practice on Whatsapp. Message 07368308027.
  • Live Chat: We’re available on Live Chat, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5.30 pm.
Information you might need to give when registering or booking an appointment

When scheduling your dental appointment, you should be prepared to provide some basic information that will include your name, contact details, address, preferred appointment times, medical history, and insurance details if applicable.

This is also your opportunity to let the receptionist know if you have any concerns or specific preferences, for example, if we need to work around work or school hours.

Many dental practices, like us, will always work to find an appointment time that fits your schedule, and offer flexible scheduling options from early morning to evening and weekend appointments.

Upon booking the receptionist or practice will let you know if you need to arrive earlier to prepare for your appointment or fill out any necessary documentation.

Switching dentist? Here’s what to check for

If you’re in the market for a new dentist or need to find a private dentist as you can’t get on NHS waiting lists, there are few steps you should take to ensure you’re receiving the best care.

  • Research the dental practice: You’ll want a local dentist, whether it’s near your work at home, and online search engines are a great way to begin. You should consider what the practice can offer regarding care at this stage. For example, do they do all treatments under one roof, which can prevent you from being referred if your case is complex? What is the practice known for? Is it restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or just routine check-ups? By covering this base, you can assure that you choose a dentist who can look after your teeth no matter what stage in your life or whatever happens to your teeth.
  • Check their type of customers: Not all dental practices are family or child-friendly and might not always have the capacity or the set-up to take on children’s cases. For example, they might not have a regular children’s dentist working at the practice, so if you’re hoping for care for all of the family, choose a practice accommodating for you all.
  • Discover ways you can pay: If you pay for dental insurance, for example, you’ll need to check your coverage and find network providers, as not all practices will accept your dental insurance. Insurers like CIGNA make this process easy; where you can search their list of dentists and practices that accept their insurance, but it might be more difficult with other insurance companies. Alternatively, you’ll want to find a practice that offers great and affordable membership schemes, which can help you to avoid larger costs in one go, or payment plans using 0% finance that allow you to pay for more costly treatments over time.
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If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please contact us as soon as possible to notify us. The practice’s cancellation policy requires sufficient notice for patients to avoid additional fees.

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