What are the benefits of a Dental Plan?

denplan dentist in molesey surrey

What are the benefits of a Dental Plan?

Have you considered joining one of our Dental Plans but thought they are just another “Insurance Policy”?

Yes? Well many do think Dental Plans are Insurance Policies but that just isn’t the case. They do have an element of insurance in them so you can have Worldwide Cover in the event of an accident or emergency but the majority of the plan is for regular dental care to keep you in tip top dental health.

What do your Dental Plans cover?

At The Gentle Dental Practice in East Molesey we operate two different dental plans with Denplan. Denplan are the leading provider of dental plans in the UK and have great experience and support for our patients.

denplan dentist in molesey surrey
  1. Denplan Care – this is a full care package. You pay a monthly fee and all your dental care is provided, except for cosmetic work and a few other exceptions, but on the whole all your regular dentistry is provided for under this monthly fee. The fee is arrived at by assessing how much time you will require for your dentistry over the next year and it can change each year if you need more or less time in future.
  2. Denplan Essentials is a maintenance package. This means you pay a monthly fee, the same for all patients, that provides you with two visits to your dentist each year and two visits to your dental hygienist. Should you require any restorative or other dental treatment you will be advised of any further costs before embarking on a treatment plan. This is a great plan if you are dentally fit yet understand the benefits of regular attendance and seeing the dental hygienist for regular preventive care and would prefer to keep your monthly payment lower.

Both these plans will give you access to emergency care should you require it wherever you are in the world.

Better dental health for all is our goal so we are very keen to encourage anything that leads to this so we always encourage new patients join one of our plans as we see the differences and improvements in dental health our plan patients have.

With better dental health comes better general health as we understand these two issues are intertwined and important for each other.

Any patient can join our Denplan Essentials package and for a Denplan Care package you will need to be assessed.

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dental membership benefits in molesey surrey

What benefits are there to joining a plan?

  • Spreading the cost of your care month to month helps with your budgeting
  • Being a member of our practice allows you to benefit from regular offers we may have from time to time including Lifetime Whitening.
  • We find our patients on pans are much more likely to attend and therefore receive great preventive care and so have better dental health.

If you would like to find out more why not contact the practice and speak to Danielle who can arrange for you to come in and have a chat or arrange an assessment? We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you towards better dental health.

Dr Ali Rifai BDS


The Gentle Dental Practice