Eliminate Gaps: How Painful are Dental Implants?

At The Gentle Dental, we commit to ensuring all of our patients are fully informed about what their treatment entails, prior to the treatment commencing.

The insertion of a dental implant is one of the most popular long-term tooth replacement solutions.

The procedure works by inserting a titanium screw into the jawbone which will serve as an artificial root, where a tooth replacement such as a crown or denture will be placed onto.

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Is the procedure painful?

e know that many of our patients have dental phobias, or at least experience some small feelings of anxiety when thinking about coming to the dentist.

We have many measures in place to ensure that treatment is as comfortable and stress-free, including fully informing our patients about every step we will take throughout the procedure, a comfortable setting and sedation if you desire.

However, a lot of people are fearful of perceived levels of pain, or the potential risks attached to the procedure.

Thankfully, the most uncomfortable thing about the dental implant procedure is the injection needed for sedation.

We use a local anaesthetic so that you won’t feel the insertion of the artificial tooth root, instead, you will only feel a slight pressure on the jaw bone.

If your tooth needs to be surgically removed prior to the treatment, then patients often report this aspect is actually more uncomfortable than the insertion of the dental implant and have claimed that the procedure was pain-free.


Post-treatment aftercare

At The Gentle Dental, we promise full access if you have any additional queries or concerns in the following days or weeks post-surgery.

You can contact us on 020 8224 7562.

In some cases, patients require pain medications after surgery.

This may be necessary if you experience swelling or intense discomfort in the following days after surgery.

Again, you can contact us if this occurs and we will guide you through the necessary steps to take.


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dental implant surgery

The procedure can be split into 5 stages:

  • Initial consultation: The procedure will begin with a comprehensive examination where we assess 56 areas of the mouth to decide the appropriate implant treatment for you.
  • Diagnostic records: This stage involves taking moulds or a scan of your mouth. In addition, a cone – beam CT scan will be completed which is a 3D X-ray that will allow us to assess the height and width of the bone, and identify any important anatomical features such as nerves. This ensures that we place the correct type, shape and size of the implant.
  • Surgery: If you prefer we are happy to carry out surgery under local anaesthetic. During this phase, the implant or implants are placed into the bone and covered up by the gum. The option for having the implant placement under conscious-sedation is also available.
  • New teeth: During this stage, we will uncover the implant and manufacture your new tooth or teeth. If the implant is now fully covered by the gum then we will carry out a small procedure to partially expose the implant before connecting the artificial tooth.
  • Fitting the new tooth: For the final stage, we will fit your new tooth! You may choose to have a local anaesthetic for this stage too, but many people are happy to do it without. We will review your healing progress after 4 weeks to ensure your new customised teeth have settled in perfectly and are stable and secure.

What happens after the procedure?

Following the procedure, you can expect some general discomfort typical of most dental surgeries. This may include:

  • Gum/face swelling
  • Bruising of gums and skin surrounding area
  • Pain at the implant site
  • Slight bleeding or inflammation

Your dentist will make sure you are given all of the required guidelines to best care for the new implant before leaving the practice. Are dental implants successful?


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Edward CrameEdward Crame
13:43 04 Dec 21
Very happy with all aspects of the work they have done. Very clean, professional and well run business.
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12:43 24 Nov 21
Dr Ali Rifai was professional and I am very pleased with the outcome of my Invisalign's. I have been with this practice for many years and would highly recommend. The staff are very friendly and nothing is an issue.
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11:52 24 Nov 21
Can't thank this practice enough for all their help. I don't post reviews very often, so when I do, it's because an impression has been left! Dr Ali saw me at short notice to help fix a broken tooth. The nurse (I think her name was Danni) was so helpful and kind, as were the rest of the team. Thank you for being there for me in my hour of need (the same day i asked for an appointment!)

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