Summer Smiles Start in Winter

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Summer Smiles Start in Winter

Some of you may have seen our recent ad in our local guide in East Molesey with this title? Everyone seems to love it and, of course, it is so true. Most of the time a smile transformation takes a little time so now is the time to be thinking about it. Even if you only need a tooth whitening treatment it is still a god time to come and chat to our team about this so you can plan your appointments and fit in to be ready and sparkling before any important engagements.


Teeth Straightening

As ever, our tooth straightening treatments are proving increasingly popular. Our patients are now realising that this is not just for kids, nor does it necessarily interfere with daily life.

Invisalign is still proving to be the most popular. This has helped because most treatment times for Invisalign have been halved, that is great news! How has this happened? Invisalign relies on clear aligners that are changed regularly to move teeth gentle into a pre-decided position, these aligners used to be changed two weekly but now we change them weekly. The addition of extra comfort and the clear aligners means this is definitely the most popular Smile Transformation treatment yet.

tooth whitening in east molesey surrey

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can be a stand alone treatment but is quite often a component of a larger treatment plan. For instance once teeth are straightened with Invisalign it is most usual to whiten next and add that extra sparkle.

Whitening can be used at the start of a treatment, for instance, if we are to replace front crowns or veneers we might whiten the teeth either side first and then match the new crowns/veneers with the new whiter shade. This is because crowns and veneers can not be whitened after they are fitted.

Tooth whitening doesn’t take long and so can be fitted into your schedule quite easily.

Other treatments can take a little more planning, such as ..


Dental Implants

Planning implants is critical and there is quite a lot of ground work first to decide if you are suitable, where to place the implants, what type of implant to place etc etc! This is why it is definitely a good idea to start discussing this idea now. Perhaps you are attending a wedding in the summer and the thought of a dark unsightly gap preserved for ever on a photograph is making you think again? It could be that you have a denture and this is the year you want to be free of it? Well come and talk to our team about dental implants then!

We will first assess the problem, investigate the possibilities and offer you treatment alternatives. You will want time too to think about the alternatives and to discuss it with family members perhaps so this can all take time.


So you see, Summer Smiles really are made in Winter!! For more information on cosmetic dentistry treatments, just call the practice to arrange a chat on 020 8224 7562 or email us at