Braces Over 18 on the NHS

NHS braces are free for patients under 18 (with huge waiting lists), but patients over 18 are often left in the dark. But rare circumstances might allow.

Is there any way adults over 18 get free braces?

Adults forced to pay for braces can explore financing options for affordable monthly payments starting from £74.41pm with a 10% deposit.

To answer the question, “Can you get braces on the NHS over 18” the simple answer is no. According to the National Health Service, adults usually have to pay for private treatment.

In fact, adults are encouraged to seek private treatment to treat orthodontic issues, as even if they opt to go with the NHS, there are long waiting lists – even for those under 18 with a clear health need for treatment. Patients are categorised in grades, with those grading 3 and below being judged on a case-by-case basis.

So, you’re an adult who wants braces and can’t afford thousands up front – what can you do when the NHS refuses to help?

invisalign braces offer

5 orthodontic solutions, times & cost

1. Invisalign Go

3 Months | Minor Cases | Removable

Finance options: 

Deposits are optional – the below figures are with no deposit, but bear in mind a deposit can bring down your monthly payments.

  • – 12 months 0%: £295.83pm
  • – 24 months 14.9% APR: £170.40pm
  • – 36 months 14.9% APR: £121.28pm
  • – 48 months 14.9% APR: £96.96pm
  • – 60 months 14.9% APR: £82.55pm

2. Invisalign Full

12 Months | Moderate-Severe | Removable

Finance options:

  • – 12 months 0%: £375pm
  • – 24 months 14.9% APR: £215.99pm
  • – 36 months 14.9% APR: £153.73pm
  • – 48 months 14.9% APR: £122.90pm
  • – 60 months 14.9% APR: £104.64pm

3. Spark Aligners

12-18 Months | Mild to Severe | Removable

Finance options:

  • – 12 months 0%: £212.50pm
  • – 24 months 14.9% APR: £122.40pm
  • – 36 months 14.9% APR: £87.12pm
  • – 48 months 14.9% APR: £69.64pm
  • – 60 months 14.9% APR: £59.29pm

4. Six Month Smiles

6 Months | Minor-Moderate Cases | Fixed & White

Finance options:

Based on upper and lower:

  • – 12 months 0%: £249.92pm
  • – 24 months 14.9% APR: £143.95pm
  • – 36 months 14.9% APR: £102.46pm
  • – 48 months 14.9% APR: £81.91pm
  • – 60 months 14.9% APR: £69.73pm

5. Inman Aligners

6 Weeks | Minor Cases | Fixed Metal Bar

Finance options:

  • – 12 months 0%: £158.25pm
  • – 24 months 14.9% APR: £91.15pm
  • – 36 months 14.9% APR: £64.88 pm
  • – 48 months 14.9% APR: £51.86pm
  • – 60 months 14.9% APR: £44.16pm
lauren invisalign before and after
our Surrey patient Lauren before and after Invisalign

NHS limitations on free braces

Even if you’re eligible for free braces, it’s not like you can request a treatment like Invisalign, for example, or any other invisible, fast, discreet system.

The NHS will opt for cost-effective treatments that keep production costs low. 

So, if you’re looking for fast, innovative treatments that can straighten teeth in as little as 7 weeks, you might want to go independent of the NHS. Only private dental practices will offer such great systems.

dental treatment options

Short term adult orthodontics

Patients going private will find a plethora of beneficial orthodontic systems that were specifically designed for adults. For example, the Invisalign market was made popular by adults looking for cheap, fast and effective brace treatments. 

Plus, systems like this offer patients many more benefits like improved comfort, no stigma and a better oral health at the end of treatment.

However, as Invisalign has been made so popular, there’s now thousands of dentists offering the treatment, so you want to be selective in who you choose as with any treatment, the more cases and experience the dentist has, the better the outcome. For example, we’re Platinum Elite Providers, putting us in the top 1% providers. Learn more about provider levels.


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