Boutique Whitening Reviews

Discover what real patients had to say about Boutique Whitening and how they reviewed the whitening agent.

Tooth whitening reviews using Boutique Whitening

Boutique Whitening is one of the best whitening agents as it's straightforward, safe and effective. Winning 7 major industry awards, Boutique Whitening is a leading choice.

  • – Costs from £295
  • – Cheapest tooth whitening agent
  • – Results in a few days
  • – Worn in customised trays for 7-10 days
  • – Both in-office and at-home whitening solutions
  • – Only supplied by dentists
  • – Whiten by night or day
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Boutique Whitening Reviews

“In all honesty, I wanted white teeth, and I chose Boutique Whitening initially because it was the cheapest option and I could do it at home. The cost was £300, and then bought single syringes for £30 as a top-up. The results aren’t blinding but give you a more natural, whiter smile. Pleased.” Jane McGerval

“On Instagram, I saw Georgia Harrison recommend Boutique Whitening and thought I’d try it. It wasn’t one of those whitening products you could buy online. I had to ask my local practice if they did it and then go in for a consultation first. After my enamel was deemed strong enough, I was given the go-ahead and whitened my teeth at home with no complications. The results were pretty good. Judging by the price, I would get Boutique Whitening again.” Amy Smith

“As a heavy coffee drinker and smoker, I’m a regular user of teeth whitening and have bought everything in the past, from cheap products from Superdrug to more expensive treatments at the dentist. I find for me Boutique Whitening works really well – I get it from the dentist every so often as a top-up and find it doesn’t irritate my teeth as much as others.” Stephanie Kirk

“Instead of getting Boutique by Day, I opted for Boutique by Night so I could whiten my teeth whilst I slept as opposed to wearing during the day. I found this was better with my lifestyle. I didn’t find sleeping with them annoying, and I didn’t think it tasted funny, so it worked for me.” Kelly Banner

“After four days with Boutique Whitening gels, my smile was noticeably whiter, and I really was over the moon with the results. Would recommend.” Katie Wheeler

“I suffer from sensitive teeth and heard that tooth whitening usually irritates this, but after a consultation with the dentist, I was told it would be OK. After wearing the whitening trays, I can say my teeth did experience sensitivity, but I wasn’t in pain – and it was probably better I opted for the 90 minutes a day version.” Karen Walker

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“Absolutely amazing experience. I had teeth whitening and composite bonding completed with Dr Marshall, who gave me the smile I’ve always wanted. The whole process ran smoothly and quickly, ensuring I had my new smile as soon as possible. I 100% recommend Gentle Dental if you are looking for a reliable dentist with an amazing smile!” – Lauren Welch

“I had my teeth analysed and recommended a whitening treatment from The Gentle Dental recently, and the results are amazing! The care by the staff was incredible! I will definitely return!” – Beckie Ryan

“The Gentle Dental Practice is an amazing dentistry with kind and welcoming staff. I am currently whitening my teeth here; the results have been remarkable, and the process has been extraordinarily simple. I would highly recommend their services.” – Rachael Hunter

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