Children Are Always Welcome At The Dentist!

Prevent broken teeth with a mouthguard while chilfdren undertake contact sports

Children Are Always Welcome At The Dentist!


Dental diseases, tooth decay and gum disease, are on the whole entirely preventable, which means with the right advice and care at the right time our children can grown up without ever having to have dental treatment.


At The Gentle Dental Practice in East Molesey we have always encouraged children to attend as soon as they have their first tooth through or even before if possible. By giving the right advice early on and even to a pregnant mum, we can help ensure the right path of great dental health.

We are fortunate that all our dentists are happy to treat children and want to really improve the dental health of children.

We know that with the right care and manner, children will grow to enjoy their visits to the dentist and not worry about them like many adults do.


Our dental team will ensure you child has a fun visit that is also educational, giving advice and help for life. They will spend time going through brushing techniques and encouraging your children to brush twice a day, every day, not just when they are coming to the dentist! We all know how hard it can be to keep this going when they return home but the children seem to respond really well to all out team’s friendly relaxed manner.

Our team will also provide preventive care if necessary such as:

  • Fluoride applications
  • Fissure sealants
  • Sportsguards


If children require repair to their teeth in the form of fillings then we usually use the tooth coloured composite fillings not the old fashioned silver amalgam.

We will also monitor the growth and development of your child and arrange for teeth straightening (orthodontic) treatments when the time is right.

With the right care and advice and interception when required, your children will grow up to have beautiful, well cared for, healthy teeth and gums.


It’s probably worth also mentioning at this point, prevention of accidents.


Many children participate in contact sports, hockey, rugby, judo, other martial arts and without protection their teeth are vulnerable.

We would always recommend a custom made sportsguard to wear over their teeth when participating in sports.

Because teeth are changing and developing rapidly, many people think that a shop bought mouthguard is more cost effective as they can be changed more regularly. Unfortunately these seldom fit well and so end up not being worn properly and not giving the right amount of protection.

A well constructed custom made sportsguard will cost more than a shop bought one but can usually be made to last a year.

These give superior protection and from a cost effective point of view the long term cost of having to have teeth replaced can go on for a lifetime.


We hope to welcome you and your children to The Gentle Dental Practice soon and look forward to meeting you soon.


Dr Ali Rifai BDS