When You Have To Lose A Tooth…

When You Have To Lose A Tooth…


Losing a tooth or several teeth can feel quite a big deal for most of us. Disappointment that we could have avoided this or even a little depressing about it being related to ageing. These are natural emotions and we understand how traumatic it can feel for some of our patients.

We will work with you to do everything we can to save teeth. Sometimes, though, despite all our best efforts, we have to accept defeat and extract a tooth or teeth.

When this happens it is reassuring to know that there are options for replacement and all these options will be discussed in detail with you so you feel confident of the path you choose.

  • Replacement with a denture
  • Replacement with a bridge
  • Replacement with a dental implant
  • Leave the space and accept the loss


Replacement of the tooth with a dental implant is considered the one method which will give you the best look and feel of your natural tooth, as close to nature as is possible.

But what is a Dental Implant?
A Dental Implant is a small rod, generally made of titanium, that is inserted into the bone where the tooth is missing. The rod is left in the bone for a few months to allow the bone to grow around and into the rod – a process we call osseointegration.

After a few months we then uncover the rod or implant and use it just like a root of a tooth and restore that root with a crown on top.

This gives a tooth with a strong stable root integrated within your own bone that can give many years of service with the correct after care and attention.

Am I suitable for Dental Implants?
Most people are suitable for this kind of treatment but like any aspect of care a full assessment needs to be carried out. We need to check

  • Your existing teeth and if you have active gum disease or active decay
  • The quality and quantity of bone support you have to support your teeth
  • Your medical background and what conditions you may have and what medicines you may be taking
  • You understand the need for follow up care and to reduce if not stop smoking all together


Once an assessment have been made Dr Ali Rifai will discuss with you his findings and explain all about the procedure and what is possible. We will also discuss costs with you and arrange finance if needed.

Are Dental Implants very expensive?
Dental Implants are generally made out of titanium for their strength and biocompatability and they are precision made so you would expect that the costs be higher to start with. However, when you look at lifetime costs of having a dental implant made and compare if to how many replacement bridges or dentures may need to be remade over the same time span then they come into their own.

How long does it take to have a Dental Implant fitted and is it painful?
For most cases where a single dental implant is fitted the treatment times are comparable to having a crown made. If several implants are made then of course this will take longer but with good anaethesia you will feel no discomfort and will compare the experience to having a filling. If you are concerned the procedure is going to take longer or are slightly anxious, we can provide the treatment under sedation all available at The Gentle Dental.

If you would like to discuss having a dental implant placed why not call and speak to Danielle who can give you lots more information and arrange a consultation for you?


Dr Ali Rifai BDS