Rebecca’s Smile Makeover at The Gentle Dental Surrey

Rebeccas smile makeover at the Gentle Dental Practice cosmetic dentist surrey

Rebecca’s Smile Makeover at The Gentle Dental Surrey


Rebecca had braces when she was younger and then, like many, didn’t wear her retainers as a teenager. Her teeth then started to relapse and slip so that they shifted forwards. This meant that she always noticed it in photographs and just grew to really dislike her teeth.


Recently Rebecca came to see us to discuss this and she has now had this problem resolved which she is delighted with. Here is a short interview with her that she gladly gave us and also shared her pictures with us.

What made you think about having changes to your teeth Rebecca? What didn’t you like?

I had braces when I was younger and when I had them removed I didn’t wear the retainer so my teeth started to shift forwards which I always noticed in pictures and hated. Also I started to get a dark stain on the front teeth which made me vey self-conscious.  I am getting married in August and I did not want this to bother me on my big day.

What made you consider The Gentle Dental Practice?

My fiancé went to The Gentle Dental Practice 2 months ago for some teeth whitening and was very happy with not only the results but the professionalism of the practice. I also looked on Google and Facebook and they had some great reviews.

How did you decide on the treatment and how did you find your dentist in helping you with a decision?

After the first consultation I had with Dr Ali, I had a few options to which I could go for. We talked in depth about the different options open to me. I felt he gave me the time to decide which treatment would be best for me and I felt completely at ease with the decision I made.

What treatment did you have?

I had my first four front teeth veneered, these are thin layers of porcelain made especially to fit the front surface to straighten the teeth and correct the colour imbalance.

Once decided how did the treatment progress? Did you find the team helpful and easy to make appointments?

I work 3 days a week and the other days I have my daughter so Danielle, on reception and Dr Ali Rifai, made sure the treatment was done with minimal appointments. The team were very helpful and professional and very accommodating when making appointments. I was able to have late night appointments and weekend appointments which greatly helped fit in with my schedule and childcare.

How do you feel about your teeth now?

I am so happy with the appearance of my teeth, so many of my friends and even work colleges have noticed them and love them. I can’t thank the team at The Gentle Dental Practice enough for the amazing results.

I feel just so much more confident in myself and not worried about the look of my teeth any longer! I no longer need to worry about my wedding photos now for that I am very grateful.

What would you say to someone else considering having this treatment?

Do it! My only regret is that I hadn’t done it sooner!

What would you say to someone else considering using The Gentle Dental Practice for their dental care?

The high quality and professionalism of this practice was superb, they just made me feel at ease the whole way through my treatment. I will be recommending this practice to everyone.

What about the future?

I will be attending every 6 months for my check up and hygiene appointments – I have already signed up for one of their Dental Care Plans to ensure I keep my gums and teeth in tip top condition.


If you have concerns about the appearance of your teeth there will be several different options for treatment from a simple tooth whitening to replacement of missing teeth with dental implants or even teeth straightening treatments. Why not call and speak to Danielle and start the conversation about the options?

Thanks to Rebecca for the interview and letting us share her photos and we look forward to seeing the wedding photos later this year, all the best.

Dr Ali Rifai BDS