Dental Care for all the Family in East Molesey

Dental Care for all the Family in East Molesey

Did you know we welcome all members of the family to The Gentle Dental Practice in East Molesey?

Everyone from young to old are welcome to come and see us and to receive their care. Many think that the very youngest members don’t need to see a dentist until their adult teeth come through but that simply isn’t the case.

We like to see children as soon as their first tooth comes through and sometimes earlier than that should you have any concerns about eruption or other problems.

The sooner we see the children the sooner we can ensure they get access to the right advice that ensures they have the best chance possible of staying disease free for life. Dental decay and gum disease are on the whole totally preventable with the right preventive treatments and care. Sometimes there are complicating factors such as medical conditions and genetic conditions but again with the right knowledge and early access to dental advice your children have the best chance of having a mouth free of fillings.

So what makes The Gentle Dental different for family dental care?

Children are very much welcome at The Gentle Dental Practice and we encourage you to visit with your children soon from birth. The sooner we see your children, the sooner we can ensure they receive the correct advice and care to remain decay free for life.

We can offer appointments with Anita, our dental hygienist, for preventive care and treatments such as fluoride applications and fissure sealants. If treatment is required, such as dental filings, then our dentists are extremely experienced in putting children at their ease and of course we generally restore teeth using the tooth coloured materials.

We always spend time to make a visit to our practice relaxed and fun too! We aim to give children a positive experience of visiting the dentist. Not somewhere to feel anxious, a place where the team are pleasant and friendly and they will look forward to visiting.


What about the rest of the family?

Well, of course we can provide care for all the family, not just regular prevention and routine care. We can transform your teeth with cosmetic enhancements and changes such as Invisalign, Veneers, or ToothWhitening. We can replace missing teeth with Bridges, or Dental Implants and even Same Day Teeth or All on 4.

If you are a particular anxious patient then we can even provide care for you with sedation, so you won’t even notice that you’re having your dental treatment!

Our Family Dental Care Plans mean that all the family can be registered under one facility with all the benefits that membership of our Denplan scheme afford you.

Why not call to make an appointment to discuss our Family Dental Care or visit our Facebook page for more information about our Children’s events, particularly with National Smile Month coming along soon?

Danielle will be taking your calls and answering your queries, so do say hello when you call The Gentle Dental Practice on 020 8224 7562

I am very much looking forward to welcoming you to the practice.

Dr Ali Rifai BDS