Would you like a brighter smile?

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Would you like a brighter smile?


Many of us would like to have a brighter smile, having bright white teeth makes us feel better and we associate bright white teeth with success and attractive people but can we all have them?


Most teeth can be brightened & whitened, the system of Tooth Whitening that we use at The Gentle Dental Practice in Molesey actually guarantees you will achieve a good level of whiteness. For some this may take a little longer than others but we know this is achievable.

How do I start whitening my teeth?

Firstly you do need to be dentally fit before whitening your teeth. For instance, if you have untreated decay in a tooth and the whitening process is started you will have severe discomfort in that tooth. We therefore, carry out a full check before we commence any tooth whitening and will advice if you require any reparative work, This will always be with an estimate of cost and time scales and we will give you a choice to return for this treatment.

What next?

Once we are certain you are dentally fit we will take impressions of your teeth and construct moulds of them. From these we will make custom made whitening trays that closely fit both your upper and lower teeth to hold the whitening gel against your teeth for the treatment to progress.


How will I know what to do with my teeth whitening kit?

These whitening trays will be checked for their fit and the we will show you how to use them and how to apply the whitening gel to your teeth. Some of our patients will opt for a desensitising gel before their whitening treatment starts and your dentist will advise whether you require this.

Many people complain of sensitivity after their teeth have been whitened but our system of Enlighten is one of the systems that keeps sensitivity to a minimum, one of the ways is by using a desensitiser for a period before the whitening commences.

Do I have to sleep with the teeth whitening trays in?

There are several ways to have the whitening treatment and one is to wear the trays over night as you sleep. Some patients don’t like this though and so can opt to wear the trays during the day for at least a few hours each day.

We will discuss with you the best way to use the system for you ad will explain fully what to do so you can feel confident once you leave the practice what is involved. Of course, should you forget we are happy to help over the phone and explain again!

How long will it take to whiten my teeth?

For most people an initial treatment will take from 10-14 days but it can take longer if your teeth are darker. For instance, as we age our teeth tend to darken and so we would expect a initial treatment to take longer. The great thing about Enlighten at The Gentle Dental Practice is that you are guaranteed to achieve a brighter result and our team will guide you as to what to expect, it just may be a little longer.

How do I maintain the whiteness?

By having regular visits to the dental hygienists and keeping a good level of oral hygiene you will be able to maintain most of the whiteness. We also advise topping up the whitening every few months by doing a one off treatment – that is usually enough to brighten them up again.

How do i find out more about teeth whitening?

If you would like to find out how to whiten your teeth with a method that is SAFE, RELIABLE and PREDICTABLE and gives great results, why not get in touch and arrange an appointment?

We also offer Lifetime Whitening whereby if you join one of our dental plans and have a whitening treatment you will be able to have regular top ups of your whitening at your hygienist appointments without any extra cost.

Find out more by calling 020 8224 7562 and speak to our friendly team on reception who will answer your questions about tooth whitening at the Gentle Dental Practice in Surrey.


Dr Ali Rifai

Practice Principal