The Benefits of Seeing a Dental Hygienist

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The Benefits of Seeing a Dental Hygienist


Most dental disease is preventable, that is, with the right advice and guidance we can help keep you in great dental health. We also know that if our dental health is in good shape then we are more likely to have great general health too, the two are very much linked.

Prevention of dental disease is practiced by all the dental team but one role plays a larger part in this than anyone and this is the role of the dental hygienist.

Dental hygienists are trained to educate as well as treat patients so they will deliver

  • Toothbrush instruction
  • Dietary advice
  • Recommend suitable interdental cleansing methods and instruct
  • Apply fluoride gels and pastes as needed
  • Apply sealants to teeth when required
  • Gum treatments in the form of simple cleanings as well as more complex cleanings


At The Gentle Dental Practice in East Molesey we recognize the importance of working with a dental hygienists and the benefits our patients receive from seeing them.

Anita is our dental hygienist and our dentists will work with her to deliver the right preventive programme for our patients. No two patients are the same and neither should their preventive plans be, they are personalised.

Anita has the experience to understand what works for patients and to be able to respond to your particular circumstances.

We recommend that most of our patients see a dental hygienist every six months for maintenance. If you have gum disease or have had gum disease we may advise three monthly appointments and your dental team will discuss this with you.


Good tooth brushing habits can seem quite a chore but we find our patients who see our dental hygienist regularly have better oral hygiene and ultimately have better gum health and dental health. Why? We find Anita’s manner encourages patients to improve their brushing techniques and habits. She won’t push you to floss if it’s a struggle and she’ll find a method and technique that works for you. The result is a motivated, happy patient, who is achieving the great dental health they deserve.

Anita also sees some of our younger patients and where necessary will deliver preventive treatments to them in conjunction with our dentists such as fissure sealants and tooth brushing instruction.

In children we spend more time preventing dental decay rather than gum disease and to this effect Anita may help give dietary advice and analyse the frequency of sugar intake, particularly if there is a persistent decay problem.

Seeing our dental hygienists is a regular feature if you are one of our Denplan plan patients and you will get into the habit of booking two appointments, one to see your dentist and one your dental hygienist. As you pay a monthly membership fee for this we find patients attend regularly and get into a great routine of twice yearly visits.


Our patients who attend regularly and see our dental hygienist regularly definitely have great dental health and whilst they may receive regular preventive treatments they rarely need much complex dental work apart form any they may require for cosmetic reasons.

So the good news is, regular visits to your dental hygienist keep you in great dental health which will have a knock on effect of better general health too. What’s stopping you? Perhaps it’s time to get in touch and book an appointment?

See you soon.

Dr Ali Rifai BDS